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Our projects and consultancy work is designed to fit the specific needs of your organisation - whatever they might be.

Every project we do is different. On this section of our website, you can read case studies which illustrate the many varied aspects of our bespoke project work.

For example, we regularly run stakeholder consultation projects for non-profits. These provide an overview of your organisation; the perfect way to discover the thoughts and feelings of the key groups you need to know about. We can also help with new ways to expand your fundraising using new product development research.

Survey results can be an effective way to gain media attention, something we’ve helped a number of clients with.

We are well known for our work on branding and we can measure the success of your branding and communications work, including tracking specific advertising campaigns. Our expertise in this area extends to our range of free reports on branding, which you can download here.

Something we specialise in is working out what impact your organisation has. We also have a wealth of experience in finding out what young people think.

We design your research from start to finish, including writing surveys, conducting focus groups and individual interviews, undertaking desk research and carrying out statistical analysis, including cluster analysis. We can also employ a variety of more specialised research methods to provide the insights you need.

How to find out more

For an informal discussion about your organisation’s research needs and the ways in which nfpSynergy can help you, please contact Michele Madden, our Managing Director, at or on 020 7426 8888.

Once we’ve talked to you about your organisation’s specific needs, we’ll set up a meeting to explore your circumstances and get a good idea of what you want your research to achieve.

We’ll then come up with a research proposal with a range of options for you to choose from at different price ranges, so you can find the right one to fit your budget.