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Our Monitors work by bringing together groups of not-for-profit organisations to share the key questions they face and the subsequent results in a series of ongoing surveys. By pooling costs and results, charities can access better value, more frequent and more detailed research than any of them could achieve acting alone.

We know that charities don't have endless budgets, but we're confident that we can help. We would be happy to come and present the data and practical insights for you and show how this research can benefit your charity, with no obligation or commitment needed. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

Our Monitors cover a range of areas:

Public awareness and engagement

Charity Awareness Monitor

The Charity Awareness Monitor is a regular tracking survey of the public's knowledge, understanding, attitudes and awareness of charities and the activities and services they offer. The general public is arguably the most important audience in a charity's fundraising aspirations, so if you need to know what they're thinking, click here to find out more.

Brand Attributes

This Monitor discovers people's emotional affinity with a charity's brand and the specific words they'd use to describe it. It also uncovers the words or phrases the public associates with their ideal charity compared to other named charities. If you need to find out the effect your brand is having and who would potentially support you, Brand Attributes could be for you.

Celtic CAM

This Monitor is a regional version of our Charity Awareness Monitor, surveying Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We speak to the people here regularly and the data we collect provides crucial insights into their knowledge, attitudes and understanding of charities. If you work in one or more of these markets, read on to find out how our data could help you plan for future challenges.

Irish Charity Engagement Monitor

The Irish Charity Engagement Monitor is a detailed tracking study of attitudes, awareness and perceptions among the people of Ireland. If your charity works here and you want to know how successful your logo, campaigns and messages are, we can provide that information for you. You can also find out who supports charities and who would, how people support them and what puts them off.

Families Insight Monitor

Children and young people are your future supporters. Inspiring and influencing them starts now. Every autumn, we survey 750 children and young people aged seven to 16 living in the UK to understand their awareness of charitable causes, charities and their activities. Our sample is nationally representative and we link up responses for each child and young person, with one of their parents. For more information and a sample questions, or to download our Families Insight briefing pack, please click here.

Government and parliamentary awareness

Charity Parliamentary Monitor

The Charity Parliamentary Monitor sees us speak to MPs and Lords to look at how effective charities are in their lobbying and campaigning activities. We can also gather verbatim comments on your work and provide detailed information on your awareness levels. Discovering the effect your work has on the decision-makers in Parliament is vital for any organisation that works in this environment. If you'd like to know more, click here.

Celtic Parliamentary Monitor

Since 2003, our Celtic Parliamentary Monitor has been providing information to keep in tune with the changes in the political landscape. We conduct an annual poll of Welsh Assembly Members and Members of the Scottish Parliament so charities can track the success of their work there. Since 2007, we have gathered this crucial information annually from Assembly Members in Northern Ireland. If your charity works in one or more of these places, read on for more details on how we can help.

Public Sector - Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor

The Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor tracks the attitudes and opinions of MPs and Peers on public bodies, government agencies and other related organisations. If you work for one of these, a sound knowledge of your success in Parliament and the opinions of decision-makers is crucial, whether you're working on current issues or long term planning. You can find out more by clicking here.

Professional bodies

Journalists' Attitudes and Awareness Monitor

For the Journalists' Attitudes and Awareness Monitor, we speak to journalists from all across the media, including newspapers, TV, radio and the internet. We find out which charity's campaigns they thought were effective, which impressed them and why. We can also provide verbatim comments and detailed awareness levels. The importance of journalists and regular press coverage is one constant in an evolving media environment, so if you want to find out how you're doing and how you can improve, read on.

Primary Healthcare Monitor

The Primary Healthcare Monitor is an effective way to find out exactly what GPs and nurses think of your charity. People will always need help and support from both healthcare workers and charities, so it's vitally important you work well together. We can help you find out whether your campaigns are being noticed, how effective your messages are and what they think of you through verbatim comments. If this is an area you work in, have a look at what we could do for you.