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6 November 2014

As a Scot living in London, I largely watched the referendum debates from a distance and was amazed by what was happening, and is continuing to happen, among friends and family back home. Over the past two months, I’ve watched the posts on my Facebook newsfeed change. There are far fewer videos of cats and far more links to petitions and articles, with more of my friends writing their own opinion pieces.

30 October 2014 1 comments

Recently I raided the vaults at nfpTowers for a charity quiz-style blog. Plenty of people lined up to test their charity knowledge, or rather their knowledge of the public’s knowledge of charities. It's no easy task, but knowledge is power, power to the people and all that, so give it a spin.

Questions are below and the audience is UK adults (16+) unless stated. Don’t scroll too fast, as the answers are at the bottom. 

1. Which fundraising method irritates the most people? 

23 October 2014

Rick Wright takes a look at some examples of volunteering and how effective engagement and development can change things for everyone...

With Kevin Costner besieging our office and the release of another two parts of nfpSynergy’s mammoth volunteering report The New Alchemy, we thought this might be a good time to take a quick look at the impact that determined individuals can have on an organisation’s work.

14 October 2014 1 comments

Charity workers can have it tough sometimes. We deal with some of the worst aspects of life – cruelty to animals, abused children, natural disasters and war. It would fair to say that a certain degree of resilience is required to have a successful career in the charity sector. But how has the recession affected charity workers' stress levels and what can we do about it?

9 October 2014
image of Hollywood star

Emma Watson’s eloquent and impassioned speech on gender equality for the United Nations went viral last month, sprouting the hashtag #HeForShe which was taken up by a number of high profile male celebrities. Although some may since have raised issues with her message, there is no doubt that her speech has widened the conversation about gender issues. If raising awareness is the main objective, then this is an excellent example of a successful celebrity endorsement of a social movement.

26 September 2014

I was lucky enough to be in Scotland last week and to experience the emotion and engagement of nearly every part of Scottish society in the independence referendum. The run up to the vote provoked unprecedented levels of debate about identity, culture and the future of a nation. The 85% turnout to vote was the highest we’ve seen in a long time and a level not seen in a UK general election since 1950, when 83.9% voted.