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14 October 2014

Charity workers can have it tough sometimes. We deal with some of the worst aspects of life – cruelty to animals, abused children, natural disasters and war. It would fair to say that a certain degree of resilience is required to have a successful career in the charity sector. But how has the recession affected charity workers' stress levels and what can we do about it?

9 October 2014
image of Hollywood star

Emma Watson’s eloquent and impassioned speech on gender equality for the United Nations went viral last month, sprouting the hashtag #HeForShe which was taken up by a number of high profile male celebrities. Although some may since have raised issues with her message, there is no doubt that her speech has widened the conversation about gender issues. If raising awareness is the main objective, then this is an excellent example of a successful celebrity endorsement of a social movement.

26 September 2014

I was lucky enough to be in Scotland last week and to experience the emotion and engagement of nearly every part of Scottish society in the independence referendum. The run up to the vote provoked unprecedented levels of debate about identity, culture and the future of a nation. The 85% turnout to vote was the highest we’ve seen in a long time and a level not seen in a UK general election since 1950, when 83.9% voted.

4 September 2014
picture of ice

As I’d taken a bit of a hiatus from social media this summer (the equivalent of living under a rock in 2014), it meant that it was quite a while before I heard about the ALS Ice bucket challenge. It has been active in the USA since July, but has only really taken off in the UK in recent weeks, during which there have been numerous comparisons to the no make-up selfie.

28 August 2014 2 comments
picture of man with question mark

Here at nfpSynergy, we speak to a lot of people about charities. Every year, we speak to 16,000 Brits about all manner of charity questions, along with 700 young people aged 7-16. We survey a further 6,000 adults about brand, plus 5,000 across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and 1,800 more in the Republic of Ireland. We also interview 150 journalists twice a year and 150 MPs four times a year. It’s quite tiring to read in a blog, but very satisfying to look at the complete collection of data.

19 August 2014
picture of man reading newspaper

With all the technology we have at our disposal, what place does the humble, traditional press release have in the modern world?

Well, according to journalists, a pretty fundamental one. This may seem surprising, particularly given the movement of media content to online platforms, but of the 163 who contributed to our Journalists’ Attitudes and Awareness Monitor, 59% said they preferred the traditional press release. All of them have covered a charity story in the last six months.

14 August 2014
Picture of notebook

I had lunch last week with 10 of the most knowledgeable, analytical and perspicacious minds in the sector, all of whom lead the research function at very successful UK charities. Away from the office and with some delicious Indian food courtesy of the Cinnamon Kitchen, we mused over the findings of the first stage of nfpSynergy’s latest analysis into media expenditure, brand awareness and income.