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Five campaigns that made me emotional

Secil Muderrisoglu, nfpSynergy’s lead on brand, shares her favourite charity campaigns from 2015.

3 February 2016

Nepal’s two earthquakes in 2015

Samiksha Rai is a former nfpSynergy Research Assistant with an MBA from Johnson and Wales University in the US. She now runs a small credit chasing agency in Nepal whose clients include nfpSynergy. This is her blog about what life was like in Nepal in 2015.


The natural earthquake

25 January 2016

Should you give?


Freddie Pattisson did work experience with nfpSynergy in December 2015. Here are his thoughts on the morality and effectiveness of charity

19 January 2016
Scrabble letters read 'Healthcare'

The Primary Healthcare Monitor: Helping your organisation understand local healthcare priorities

The landscape of the NHS has seen major changes over the past five years. The commissioning of services has been radically altered with the creation of local Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), which have unprecedented power to set their own priorities and greater control over their budgets than the Primary Care Trusts that preceded them.

13 January 2016

What we learnt listening to fundraisers discussing the Fundraising Review

On Tuesday 15th December 2015, nfpSynergy hosted an open meeting on fundraising regulation, together with the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy’s fundraising think tank

6 January 2016
Christmas palm

Do they know it's Christmas?

Michele Madden reports on the first findings from our online community and wonders whether charities are making the most of raising awareness and donations in December. 

15 December 2015

It all comes flooding back

Joe Saxton was caught up in the floods at the weekend near his home in Keswick. Here is his moving account of what it was like

8 December 2015

Survival of the “small” in 2016

This week's blog is from P Martin Broad, who has over 30 years experience of working in the wider Community and Voluntary Sector. Martin is a Vice Chair of Bournemouth Council for Voluntary Services, Trustee of Bournemouth 2026, a Development and

3 December 2015
zooming light

What can we learn from our donors this Christmas?

The season of good will and giving is just around the corner – and many charities will be reaching out to donors with their key appeals and campaigns. We know Christmas is one of the most important and valuable times of the year for charities, yet we think it is going to become increasingly difficult to engage donors during this time.

27 November 2015

What does declining trust mean for my charity?

Earlier this month we released results which showed a marked decline in public trust in the charity sector as a whole between April and October 2015.

27 November 2015
1912 Athletics men's 110 metre hurdles final, with several of the men falling over.

Twenty challenges that the Fundraising Preference Service needs to cope with

Falling at the first hurdle? Joe Saxton points out the many challenges ahead of the Fundraising Preference Service, and poses some tough questions.

11 November 2015
A group of baby boomers with their bikes. Some bikes have side-seats attached meaning they can hold a seated person as well as the rider.

Talking about my generation

Our guest blog this week is provided by Paul Stanton, CEO for Southminster Consultancy Associates and Chair of Cycle in Company. He is Visiting Professor at De Montfort University.

10 November 2015
sock puppet

Put a sock in it: Let’s focus less on who technically lobbies and more on who lobbies effectively

Fiona Wallace looks at the re-emerging ‘sock puppets’ narrative and why the issue of has been blown out of proportion.


5 November 2015
Fotolia pics

Why the world needs more online charity community forums

This week’s blog is by Rebecca Fitzgerald, founder of StrawberrySocial Ltd – a social media management agency.  Rebecca has a background in digital and project management for corporations and charities.


28 October 2015

The Fundraising Review - one month on

It’s now just over a month since the report of Stuart Etherington’s fundraising review was published. There has been a huge amount of comment since then and not least a range of voices about its implications for the sector.  So here are my thoughts now the dust is beginning to settle.

22 October 2015
shadow from a chair

What's your problem? Or how technology can make your life easier

Anna Chistyakova looks at the common issues charities name when adopting technology and offers a fresh view on the transformation process.

9 October 2015

Protecting what really matters in the foreign aid budget

Robbie Macmillan, 22-year old graduate, Founder and Chairman of Children of Rwanda, a new charity promoting children's health and education in the western part of Rwanda, is contributing to our blog this week. 


1 October 2015

Has the media fallen out of love with charities?

It’s been a tough summer for charities in the media. From executive pay to fundraising practices, the third sector is experiencing a level of scrutiny they are unused to (and some would say unprepared for).

17 September 2015

Building a stronger brand

In recent times the charity sector has moved well beyond the idea that “brand” is only for the commercial sector and that engaging in any sort of advertising distracts charities’ focus from their core values and compassion.

10 September 2015

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