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Where does the charity sector need more insight?

At nfpSynergy we’re always working to give our clients the latest stats on what the public think of charities and how they interact with them.

24 May 2016

Why we need a key facts section in charity accounts: The new SORP consultation is our chance.

Charity annual reports and accounts are one of the key unifying features of the charity world.

All but the smallest charities have to produce them. They set out their income, their expenditure, their reserves, their salaries above a certain level and much more. Indeed, the rules governing charity accounts are over 100 pages long.

17 May 2016

Association of Volunteer Managers hire first employee in partnership with nfpSynergy.

  • Recruitment of events manager will boost activity for training and development of volunteer managers
  • Growth in AVM activity will support growing demand for support and development of volunteer manager professionalisation
Press Release
13 May 2016
welsh assembly

Viva la devolution!

When it comes to influencing government policy, UK-wide charities have tended to focus the majority of their resources on lobbying the powerful political institutions of Westminster.

11 May 2016

Reserves policy or closure plan?

The Charity Commission recently released a revised Charity Reserves guidance.

It is entitled Charity Reserves – Building Resilience (Hereafter CC19), and, as the name suggests, it is reflective of the criticism that some charities have faced this past summer in terms of financial security.

4 May 2016

What can charities campaigning in Parliament expect from Brexit?


With the EU referendum just around the corner and polls showing a tightly-fought contest, both sides are arguing fiercely about what the future of the UK would look like outside of the EU.

25 April 2016

Don’t believe the statistics, shared parental leave is working

It’s been a year since the government’s new Shared Parental Leave came into force. The change enables eligible men to share up to 52 weeks of parental leave with their partner and has been held up as one of the key contributions of the Lib Dems to the coalition government.

20 April 2016

Taking care of your supporters

At nfpSynergy we’ve spoken a lot about negative media coverage of charities over the last year, with a particular focus on fundraising practices.

14 April 2016

Past Imperfect: How successful have charities been over the last few decades

Are we doing a good job? This is the single most important question a charity, or any other organisation, can ask itself.

Free Report
April 2016

How can charities change the world?

Our new report Past Imperfect, developed over the last 18 months examines data from the fields of Cancer, heart disease, disability, poverty, and the environment to try and see what changes, for better or worse have

5 April 2016
question time

Question time: there are still a lot of answers needed about the Fundraising Preference Service

In the light of the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) working group consultation, here are some questions that still remain.


Process and practicalities

1 April 2016
Disabled people protesting

Confusion, complexity and a conservative car-crash

During the last few decades there have been some fundamental changes in the rights of disabled people with legislation such as the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) coming into force in 1995.

30 March 2016

Law firm Stone King legal opinion on fundraising self-regulation

Leading charity Law firm Stone King have been spearheading a debate as to what trustees should be considering when assessing how to fundraise.

Press Release
30 March 2016
Courtroom gavel

A legal opinion on fundraising self-regulation

At nfpSynergy we have been very interested in the effect of the new fundraising regulation on charities.

Our research shows it is likely to be popular with the public, but every conversation we have had with charities shows a deep level of concern about the impact of the Fundraising Preference Service.

30 March 2016

Taking responsibility: the public needs persuading on the Syrian refugee crisis

At last week’s MRS Conference, Baroness Neuberger mentioned that politicians should take more initiative and leadership and pay less attention to the worst examples of public opinion.

24 March 2016

Why did Virgin Trains threaten to call the police when I bought a ticket to Milton Keynes?

In January I went to Milton Keynes from Penrith. The ticket machine at Penrith offered me a single choice of return off-peak ticket, shown in the picture below. 


Berni White - Administration & Finance Officer

Berni joined nfpSynergy in August 2015. She provides administration and finance support to the Business Team, and also supports the Head of Operations in HR, IT and Facilities.
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Robbie Macmillan - Research Assistant

Robbie joined nfpSynergy as a Research Assistant in January 2016. He provides research support for our tracking research, particularly the Charity Awareness Monitor. He also provides administrative support and works with the projects team

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If you like it, you should have put a price on it. How economists helped a charity

How often do we think of economics as a tool that can help solve every day social problems? Not that much I guess. Yet, economics is about almost everything that people do. And sometimes we can see elegant solutions to very complex social problems that affect ordinary people in their everyday lives that were designed by economists.

17 March 2016

Charities have the highest number of people who wanted to complain but didn't

New research on public attitudes to charity marketing, complaints and the fundraising preference service shows:

Press Release
16 March 2016

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