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Brand Attributes Monitor

The Brand Attributes Monitor is an ideal way for charities with high levels of awareness who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the way their brand is seen by the general public.

It is an annual programme of research which centres on finding out which words or phrases the public associates with their “ideal” charity compared to other named charities. Charities can discover which attributes the public associate with them, as well as testing different statements about the work they do.

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What do we ask about and when?

The first wave of research took place in 2001. The research now runs twice every year, in April and November.

We ask respondents to choose the adjectives they would use to describe their ideal charity, such as 'honest', 'innovative' or 'approachable'. We then compare this to adjectives respondents would use to describe particular brands, their comparators and the 'average' performance of the sector.

Participating organisations can test a series of statements about the levels of public trust in charities and also establish the general attitudes towards individual charities.

We also include questions about which charities are supported now and which ones the public would consider supporting in the future – this allows for comparison between the adjectives that supporters and non-supporters choose.

Sample and methodology

The research is carried out among a nationally representative sample of 3,000 people accessed through an online panel.

Who currently subscribes?

The research is only accessible to those who have a 40% or higher prompted awareness level (as measured in our Charity Awareness Monitor). Current subscribers include charities like Macmillan Cancer Support, Guide Dogs, Cancer Research UK, The Salvation Army and the RSPB, amongst others.

Costs and package for subscribers

The basic cost of the Brand Attributes research is £7,250 a year plus VAT for both waves, or £4,250 plus VAT for one wave. For clients who are also members of the Charity Awareness Monitor this is discounted to £6,250 plus VAT £3,750 plus VAT respectively. There are other packages and discounts available.

More details

For more information please contact our team at, or on 0207 426 8888, to receive a briefing pack and some sample results.