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Brand Attributes Monitor

Your brand is a crucial asset. It can determine whether people give their trust, time and money to support your cause. That’s why you need a deep understanding of what the public believes about you.

We‘ve worked with over 150 organisations of every size and scope, including three-quarters of the UK’s top 50 fundraising brands.

Every year, twice a year, 3,000 people, who are nationally representative by age, gender, social class and region, tell us what they think about their ideal charity. You can then benchmark these ideal attributes against the ones that the public associate with you and others.

Talk to us about our Brand Attributes Monitor and how we can help you use this essential insight to make better decisions about your brand.

For sample questions or to find out more, download our Brand Attributes Monitor briefing pack.

Four ways you can use the nfpSynergy Brand Attributes Monitor to make your brand work harder

  • See how you measure up to market ideals and sector norms. Discover which attributes the public associate with your charity, test different statements about the work you do, and see how you compare with your peers. Get the in-depth insight you need to develop the right brand messages for you and ensure you stand out.
  • Get the facts – and avoid wasting resources. Need to make some strategic decisions about your brand? Make sure you know exactly what the public think right now. Use the Brand Attributes Monitor to analyse and understand how your audiences see you, what they believe about you and why. If it’s time to refresh, reposition or change your name, you’ll have the evidence you need to persuade your funders, trustees and senior management. We will provide concrete recommendations and data, which you can present in a way that works best for you.
  • Respond to shifting attitudes. Our research tests a series of statements about the levels of public trust in charities and establishes general attitudes towards individual organisations. We can help you understand what to track and report on. The Brand Awareness Monitor will be tailored to your organisation, with bespoke questions, and results broken down by audience. With this insight, you can make sure you’ve giving their audiences what they want and need.
  • Increase your profile and your supporter loyalty. Our Brand Attributes Monitor measures rational and emotional responses to brands. Understand how your supporters feel, and how you can encourage a closer affinity to your brand. The research also includes questions about which charities people support now and which ones they would consider in the future. Use this insight to make strategic decisions about improving brand awareness to attract more support.

"Brand Attributes has been a very useful monitor for us to track over time the shifts in public attitudes towards Shelter. In particular, we have found being able to track levels of brand trust very valuable, which we report as a key metric. We have also used brand attributes to identify key strategic issues for our brand. nfpSynergy provide an excellent support service, re-cutting data and providing bespoke presentations as required.” 

- Rachel Murphy, Head of Brand Management, Shelter

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