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Celtic Charity Awareness Monitor

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The Celtic Charity Awareness Monitor (Celtic CAM) is our syndicated tracking research for charities working in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales

We have over ten years of experience in tracking what the people of Britain think about charities. This research forms our Charity Awareness Monitor and it is used by more than 50 charities to gain a greater understanding of this key relationship.

We have combined this knowledge and research experience to offer a research package covering all of the UK and in more depth. Celtic CAM is designed for charities which fundraise, campaign or carry out work in one or all of the Welsh, Scottish, or Northern Irish markets.

Celtic CAM enables your charity to track the general public’s awareness of your charity, their engagement with your work and their opinions on key issues for the charity sector. It includes comprehensive surveys that enable charities to cost-effectively evaluate their work in all the UK markets they operate in. 

Depending on their needs, charities can select to focus on just one market or compare any combination of the three.

Data from the Celtic Charity Awareness Monitor can be used to inform all areas of your charity’s work, from strategic planning through to campaign organisation. Here is a range of ways that current nfpSynergy clients use the insights we provide:

  • Informing more effective communications, fundraising, volunteer management, lobbying and PR
  • Addressing misperceptions about organisations or causes
  • Testing and targeting messaging and language with key audiences
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of investments in fundraising and communications through regular tracking of awareness, attitudes and perceptions
  • Providing evidence to support business cases, e.g. further investment in communications
  • Setting and monitoring key performance indicators
  • Informing negotiations with corporate and government partners
  • Identifying and developing opportunities to increase engagement with key audiences
  • Responding to trends that can affect an organisation’s profile, income, recruitment or work

On this page:

Sample and methodology

Our syndicated model of research means that charities share the costs, making tracking research accessible to even the smallest of charity budgets. Furthermore, by sharing the costs and results of the research, your charity can gain access to a wealth of comparative data, along with years of trend data. The way we have organised the research means charities can join to track just one or any combination of the three markets. Details about the different price options can be found below.

A core version of the questionnaire is fielded among each audience, as well as questions tailored specifically to each. This allows members to reliably compare insights across countries where relevant.

Samples are nationally representative of the wider populations of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland in terms of gender, age, region, religion and social grade (results are predictive of the wider population within a 3% margin of error).

The research is conducted online to ensure it is as cost-effective as possible. An online methodology also has several other benefits, including the ability to test images and ask different questions depending on the answers to previous ones.

We work with the largest fieldwork supplier in Europe, so we can reach all groups of society, including older age groups. A key benefit of our research is the ability for organisations to compare their performance against other charities.

As an nfpSynergy client you will also receive invitations to attend our Insight events and syndicate meetings, where you can exchange ideas, share experiences and develop solutions to problems with other charities in your market. (back to top)

What we look at and when

  • Public awareness of your brand, including the reach and position of your brand within the Welsh, Scottish and/or Northern Irish market

  • Awareness of specific campaigns or initiatives and consideration/willingness to donate.

  • How the public sees your charity; perceived effectiveness, levels of trust, key concerns/worries

  • Public engagement with your sector; levels of support and knowledge of how people give to charity

  • How donors feel about giving to and volunteering with you, satisfaction with the giving experience and attitudes to different fundraising methods

  • Public awareness of, and concern about, charitable issues, subjects and causes


Fieldwork is conducted in early Spring, with a report released in late April.

Cost and package

Sample size and costs

 Sample sizeStandard cost
Northern Ireland800£3,330
All three2800£8,450





Your subscription package includes:

  • Detailed PowerPoint report after each wave of research, including conclusions and recommendations, drawing on nfpSynergy’s existing proprietary trend data and access to external European sources of data
  • Written overview of the results
  • Executive summary specific to each member
  • Interrogation/segmentation of data on request, including:
    • Standard demographics (gender, age, social grade, region)
    • Lifestyle characteristics (religion, marital status, household composition, etc.)
    • Mosaic consumer profiles
    • Charitable behaviour (regular donors, volunteers, etc.)
    • Media consumption (newspaper readership, TV channels, etc.)
  • Access to all your research via the client area of our website
  • Invitations to our three Insight events every year
  • Annual networking opportunities to meet charities working in the same area as your organisation

If your charity's income is under £10 million per annum, the price is reduced to £2,350 for each product, or £6,750 for all three.

More details

For more details, please contact our team at or call 0207 426 8888.