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Celtic Charity Parliamentary Monitor

Scottish parliament

Our regular polls provide an excellent, objective benchmark to understand which charities are effective in their campaigning. We find out what politicians in Cardiff, Edinburgh and at Stormont think of charities' campaigns and messages.

nfpSynergy already carries out syndicated tracking research into the attitudes and understanding of Westminster politicians through the Charity Parliamentary Monitor (CPM) and the Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor (AAPM).

Given that Westminster no longer represents the entire breadth of political decision-making within the UK, we have also conducted an annual poll of Members of the Scottish Parliament and Members of the National Assembly for Wales since 2003. In 2007, we conducted our first survey of Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

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What is asked about and when?

The questionnaires are modeled on the surveys we conduct in Westminster to allow for some degree of comparison between results. Participating charities also have the opportunity to add particular charities and areas of work to the survey.

Sample and methodology

Paper questionnaires are sent to all members of the devolved assemblies who are not ministers. We guarantee that 50 MSPs, 40 MLAs and 30 AMs respond to each survey. Details about every respondent’s political party, region, date of birth and gender are also recorded, enabling further analysis of results.

Costs and package for participants

Survey of the Scottish Parliament - £2,600 (+VAT)
Survey of the Welsh Assembly - £2,600 (+ VAT)
Survey of the Northern Ireland Assembly - £2,600 (+ VAT)

If you participate in all 3 surveys, there is a £550 discount, bringing the total to £7,250 (+ VAT). If your charity's annual income is below £4 million, the price of each product is reduced to £2,200. The price for all three is £5,950.

Participating charities will get:

  1. All data from the annual poll relating to all the organisations in the poll.
  2. Each participant will have their name on the list of named organisations on the questionnaire.
  3. Each participant can also have the name of an organisation of their choice added to the list for comparison purposes.
  4. Each participant will be able to nominate a campaign to be included in the questionnaire.
  5. A PowerPoint report with all data represented in chart form including commentary.

More details

Please email our team at for more details, or call on 020 7426 8888 if you are interested in this research or would like to see some sample results.