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Celtic Charity Parliamentary Monitor

Scottish parliament


Political decision-making doesn’t stop at Westminster.

That’s why, alongside our Charity Parliamentary Monitor and Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor we carry our an annual poll of Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs), Members of the National Assembly for Wales (AMs), and Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly (MLAs).

Our specialist experience in the voluntary, research and political arenas will give you the insight you need to influence policy, change laws and improve society.

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Five ways you can use the nfpSynergy Celtic Charity Parliamentary Monitor to influence more effectively across the UK

1. Avoid London-centric approaches. Want to know what politicians in Cardiff, Holyrood and at Stormont think of charities' campaigns and messages? Use our research to track how your organisation is viewed by representatives from the devolved Assemblies and Parliament. It’s an essential tool for those who invest time and money in campaigning to influence these audiences.

2. Develop a UK-wide, insight-driven campaigning strategy. Get the full picture of what politicians think of what you do, across the UK, with guaranteed responses from 50 MSPs, 40 MLAs and 30 AMs. We’ll help you compare answers between MPs and peers, and figure out what the insight means for you so you can improve the way you make change happen.

3. Reach the right influencers. Find out who’s supporting which campaigns and why. How effective do they think your charity is? What can you do to change that? Find out where your messages are hitting home and what areas you need to strengthen. We’ll help you generate ideas to reach the influencers you need to. 

4. Better differentiate what you do. Whether you’re wanting to start or strengthen your campaigning in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you’ll need to understand the competition. Include a charity of your choice in the research to compare your performance against theirs and work out how to refine your messages and get heard above the noise.

5. Set targets for future campaigns. Use insight from the research to set and track meaningful key performance indicators. Responses to specific questions will help you set targets for future campaigns, and give you the evidence you need to report back to trustees, funders and supporters, demonstrating your impact.

“Working for a campaigning organisation, I find the Scottish Charity Engagement Monitor invaluable for tracking public awareness issues and our visibility. It’s one of the most effective means of measuring the performance of your charity. Whether you are interested in benchmarking, brand awareness or giving patterns in Scotland, the level of information contained in the monitor is second to none.”

-  Stuart Glen, Fundraising Director, Advocates for Animals


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