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Charity Awareness Monitor

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The Charity Awareness Monitor (CAM) enables charities to find out how they are perceived by the most vital of audiences; the general public. It also gives an insight into what the public think about volunteering, campaigning and donating to charity, whilst providing an accurate benchmark for charities to measure themselves against.

CAM is nfpSynergy’s largest research programme, with over 60 subscribing charity members across a wide range of sectors. It is the most comprehensive way to find out how your organisation is viewed by the general public and how they are interacting with the third sector. It is the only survey of its kind, giving you regular and extensive benchmarking data on over 150 charities, allowing you to compare awareness and support levels with your peers right across the sector.

By pooling their research budgets, participant charities are able to get frequent, detailed and comprehensive insight into the public's awareness of charities at an affordable price.

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Topics covered within the research

  • Understanding how the public sees charities
  • Tracking how the public engages with charities
  • Insight into what donors think about giving and volunteering
  • Understanding how to communicate and fundraise better
  • Brand awareness levels
  • Detailed awareness measuring of campaigns, initiatives or services
  • Understanding what the public thinks about relationships with Government and private companies

What do we ask about and when?

Quarterly tracking (January, April, July and October) covering:

Your Brand - whether the public are able to name you spontaneously, whether they name you when prompted with your area of work (e.g. child welfare or nature and wildlife), whether they have heard of you when prompted explicitly with your name and whether they support you, or would consider doing so in the future.

Your Work - whether people are aware of your campaigns and corporate partnerships, recognise your logo and are aware or concerned about the issues you work on.

Your Sector - wider intelligence about how the public give, participate and feel about charities and their work, from attitudes to fundraising methods and knowledge of gift aid, right through to barriers to giving and trust in public institutions.

Bespoke questions (up to four per year) covering areas such as:

  • Perceptions of what your organisation does
  • Perceptions of issues affecting different sectors of society
  • Statistics for PR or campaign purposes
  • Understanding of a topic or subject

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Sample and methodology

Each wave samples 1,000 members of the public, nationally representative in terms of gender, age, region and social grade. The research uses an online methodology and respondents are accessed through a panel.

Results can be segmented by demographic characteristics including:

  • Gender, age and social grade
  • Region
  • Working status, e.g. (part-time, full-time)
  • Marital status and children in the household
  • Pet ownership
  • Media consumption

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Who currently subscribes?

The syndicate has over 60 members drawn from across the not-for-profit sector, including:

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The cost and package for subscribers

We offer two levels of annual subscription - CAM Core and CAM Lite. Our CAM Lite option is designed for smaller charities seeking a core benchmarking service or any organisation in need of occasional tracking. For more information about what is included in each type of subscription, please download the CAM briefing pack from the right hand side of this page.

  Basic Price (excl. VAT)

CAM Core

  • Organisations with an income of £4-10m
  • Organisations with an income of under £4m




CAM Lite

  • Organisations with an income of £4-10m
  • Organisations with an income of under £4m





You will receive a full report on each wave of data, years of trend data, in-house presentations on any aspects of the research you're interested in, four bespoke questions every year and an invitation to our client sector meeting. You'll also be invited to our three Insights events every year.

Charities that subscribe to CAM also receive a discount on our other tracking research products. Please contact us for details.

More details

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