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Charity Parliamentary Monitor

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The Charity Parliamentary Monitor is an effective way to find out how your organisation is viewed in  Westminster, the heart of political decision-making.

Many charities focus on MPs and the Lords as a key target group for their campaigns and communications. Once you know where you stand, you can evaluate whether your campaigns are working and make improvements with the help of your target audience - the MPs and Lords themselves.

Our regular poll is an excellent way to discover which messages and campaigns have made an impact and to find out which charities are effective in their campaigning to parliamentarians. Anecdotal information may be useful in assessing the impact of communications, but a structured and regular poll provides the objective benchmark you need to measure campaign success.

For those charities who invest time and money in campaigning with the aim of influencing Parliament, finding out what MPs and Lords think of you is essential - especially in an economic climate where every penny of your budget counts.

We provide syndicated tracking research. As part of this syndicate, individual charities are able to get more frequent and more detailed information than an individual charity would get for the same budget. 

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What is asked about and when?

The core questions for MPs are:

  • Which charities have impressed you in the last 6 months?
  • Which specific campaigns can you recall?
  • Please name issues or campaigns you have received correspondence about in the last 6 months
  • Have you been to a Parliamentary reception held by a charity in the last 6 months? If so, can you name any that you remember as being good?
  • How do you hear about the work of charities (most influential and most frequent ways)?
  • Which charity first comes to mind in the following areas of work (a list is provided to parliamentarians)?
  • Have you had contact (in Westminster or constituency) with the following charities in the last 6 months?
  • How would you rate their effectiveness?
  • What action have you taken regarding each campaign?
  • How do you think charities can lobby MPs and get their message across more effectively in the House of Commons?

Similar questions are included on the survey of Peers.
The surveys of MPs takes place quarterly, in January, April, July and November. The Lords are surveyed once every year, in June.

Sample and methodology

We have an established partnership with a fieldwork provider specialising in parliamentary research. A paper questionnaire is used and a minimum sample of 150 MPs and of 100 Peers, both representative by political party and region, is guaranteed. We are happy to conduct additional analysis of results for clients, by political party, date of birth, marginality of seat and region.

Who currently subscribes?

Over twenty charities currently subscribe to the Charity Parliamentary Monitor. Members include: Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind, NSPCC, Save the Children, Scope and WWF.

The cost and package for subscribers

The cost for an annual subscription to the Charity Parliamentary Monitor is £7,650 plus VAT.

Organisations who subscribe to our Charity Awareness Monitor receive a £1,000 discount. If you subscribe to our Youth Engagement Monitor or our Journalists' Attitudes and Awareness Monitor, you will receive a £500 discount. If your charity has an annual income of less than £4 million, the price is £5,950.

Membership of CPM entitles members to the following:

  • All the general data from each of the polls of MPs relating to all CPM members
  • Each participant will have their name on the list of named charities on the questionnaire. They can also have the name of a charity of their choice added to the list for comparison purposes
  • An annual opportunity to add an individual question to the questionnaire (at an additional cost), the results of which will be available only to the participant
  • Data tables and a PowerPoint presentation on each piece of research
  • All of our clients receive invitations to quarterly nfpSynergy debriefs, which give wider insights into issues from our research
  • In-house presentations on request, providing opportunity to examine results and discuss their implications for the organisation

There are other packages and discounts available. Please contact us for more information.

More details

Please email Tim Harrison at or call him on 020 7426 8874 if you are interested in CPM or would like to see some sample results.