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Families Insight

Family bike ride

Children and young people are your future supporters. Inspiring and influencing them starts now.

But have they heard of you? What do they think of your brand? Are they pestering their parents to take them to your events, buy products you’re associated with, or donate to your cause?

The family is a crucial audience for charities everywhere. We can help you reach them with the right messages, through the right channels. We give you the knowledge you need to develop marketing strategies to appeal directly to the family audience.

Every autumn, we survey 750 children and young people aged seven to 16 living in the UK. Our sample is nationally representative and we link up responses from children and their own parents, providing direct insight into how families feel about charities.

For more information and sample questions, download our Families Insight briefing pack on the right-hand side of the page.

Four reasons to work with us to gain insight into family audiences

  • Reach the next generation of supporters – starting now. Use insight from our surveys of children aged seven to 10, young people from 11 to 16, and their parents, to develop evidence-based marketing strategies. We can help you understand how to appeal directly to family audiences and increase awareness of your organisation.
  • Produce targeted communications that get families to take notice and get involved. To help you market your events, products and services, and tailor your campaigns, we’ll consult with you on the questions we include in our surveys. And you can add six bespoke questions of your choice, some for parents and some for young people, on any topic you like. 
  • Improve your services and campaigns. Use our research to test a new fundraising initiative aimed at families or get feedback on a pilot education programme. Your teams can use this information to revisit and revise services and campaigns until they’re hitting their targets.
  • Keep up with trends. What’s popular changes quickly among young people. And there are huge differences between age groups. Use our insight to target your messages so you can reach more people and grow your support. Understand past trends and base today’s decisions on our 10 years of insight on young people's engagement with the charity sector.

"By unlocking some of the secrets of what makes young people tick, nfpSynergy helped me devise new strategies for engaging them in volunteering and fundraising – such valuable stuff!"

- Sophie Randles, former Sports Events Manager, Leonard Cheshire Disability

Discover how we can help you gain insight into family audiences. Call us on 020 7426 8878 or email