Children, Young People and their Parents

Families Insight

Engagement with charities can be the start of a lifelong relationship and it begins early in people's lives. Did you know that one in seven 11-16 year olds volunteered in the last three months? Or that some charity campaigns are recognised by 90% of 7-10 year olds? The family is a crucial audience for charities everywhere and nfpSynergy's Families Insight can help unlock its potential.

  • Have the children your organisation is aiming to inspire heard of you? Do they know what you do? 
  • How can you appeal to the whole family and get them talking about your organisation or taking part in your events and fundraising activities? 
  • Do children ask their parents to give money to charity or buy a product that includes a donation, and do their parents actually respond to this 'pester power'? 

At nfpSynergy, we help you answer your key questions by speaking to children, young people and their parents. We survey all three groups and link up the responses, providing a unique, direct insight into how real families interact with the non-profit sector.

Whether you're a seasoned researcher or completely new to the field, our experts will help you use the results to gain the insights you need to make informed, evidence-based decisions.

You can find out more in our briefing pack on the right hand side of this page, including what we ask, how we analyse the data and how it can help your organisation.

You can also contact Jo Fischl on 020 7426 8878 or email