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Irish Charity Engagement Monitor


Which charities in Ireland are top of the public’s mind? Do people trust charities? What would make them volunteer their time for a cause?

If your charity is active in Ireland, or wants to start making an impact there, monitoring public awareness and opinion is crucial to achieving your goals.

We deliver audience insights to organisations with income ranging from under €1 million to over €150 million and track public engagement with over 150 UK and Irish non-profit organisations.

Every year, twice a year, 1,000 people, who are nationally representative by age, gender, social class and region, tell us what they think about the charity sector in Ireland.

Sign up to our Irish Charity Engagement Monitor today, and we will help you use this insight to make better decisions about your brands, communications, fundraising, communications and services.

For more information and sample questions, download our Irish Charity Engagement Monitor briefing pack.

Five reasons to work with us to track awareness of your charity in Ireland

  1. Develop effective insight-driven strategies, products and services. We’ll analyse trends in the Irish charity sector and help you interrogate data specific to your organisation. You can use this to make your charity’s communications, fundraising, volunteer management, campaigning and PR more effective, by using this insight to develop ways to get your audiences to take action.
  1. Reach more people. Compare results to the same questions over time, like how many people are aware of your brand, so that you can gather evidence to support future communications, campaigns or fundraising. Make changes to what you do based on answers to bespoke questions on recent events so that you can reach more of your target audience.
  1. Embed evaluation in your organisation to secure more funding. Supporters and funders want to know about the impact of what you do and our research will help you give them the information they need to invest in your cause. Share our reports with colleagues to ensure they consider impact in everything they do.
  1. Compare your brand with your competitors to succeed at being different. Discover what area people in Ireland associate your charity with and who else is in your category. That way you can identify misconceptions people might have about your brand and make a plan to challenge them – and recruit new supporters.
  2. Share best practice with colleagues in Ireland to improve what you do. At our bi-annual meetings in Dublin, you’ll meet colleagues working on similar issues and can discuss and share ideas. Join with other charities to spread the cost of invaluable insight to help you understand your audiences and fight internal resistance to raising awareness of brand.

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