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Irish Charity Engagement Monitor


The Irish Charity Engagement Monitor (ICEM) is a tracking study of attitudes, awareness and perceptions among adults in Ireland.

ICEM enables charities to find out how they are perceived and gain an insight into what the public think about volunteering, campaigning and donating to charity. It also provides a benchmark for charities to measure themselves against. 

By pooling their research budgets, participating charities are able to get a more frequent and more detailed insight into public awareness of charities than most charities could afford.

Benefits of the research

  • Greater insight into how the general public perceives charities
  • The ability to break this data into demographic groups (and by attitudes)
  • Evidence to support business cases, e.g. investment in communications
  • A supply of key performance indicators for senior managers
  • Benchmarks against other charities/campaigns
  • Long-term data that can be interrogated
  • An opportunity to become more stakeholder-focused and to further imbed a culture of evaluation and measurement
  • Critical analysis of success and areas for improvement

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What is asked about and when?

Twice a a year: brand general awareness tracking (March and November waves)

  • Which charities are at the top of the public’s mind (spontaneous awareness)
  • The brands that lead different sectors of work (semi-prompted – “Can you name a charity that works in the area of…”)
  • Prompted awareness of each participant and selected comparators (“Have you heard of…”)
  • Levels of donations and volunteering are also tracked

Three times a year on an annual rotation basis: engagement & sector intelligence

  • Awareness of charity campaigns or initiatives
  • Awareness of corporate partnerships
  • Recognition and Attribution of logos
  • Recall issues seen and subjects seen, heard or read about
  • Trust in charities and public bodies
  • Wills and legacies
  • House-to-house, street, telephone and online giving
  • Direct mail
  • Volunteering information
  • Community involvement and social capital

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Sample and methodology

Each wave surveys a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults in the Republic of Ireland. This is done online, twice a year – April and November. (back to top)

Who currently subscribes?

Current subscribers include Barnardo's, Concern, the Irish Heart Foundation, Oxfam, Sightsavers and Simon Communities of Ireland. (back to top)

The costs and package for subscribers

The cost for each subscriber is €7,450. Subscribers receive a detailed report from each wave, any bespoke analysis and a debrief presentation. There are other packages and discounts available. (back to top)

More details

For more details please contact our team at or 0207 426 8888. (back to top)