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Primary Healthcare Monitor


How do commissioners prefer to engage with you? What do GPs know about your latest campaign? Would a nurse pass on one of your leaflets?

As a healthcare, disability, medical, or social care charity, or an organisation representing healthcare professionals, you need this insight if you’re going to reach the people who heed you.

Our Primary Healthcare Monitor gives you access to 75 GPs, 75 commissioners and 100 practice and district nurses a year.

We have the expersise to help you understand your position with this busy audience, so that you can develop effective, insight-driven strategies, products and services. Discover five key steps to improving your relationship with health professionals.

For more information, price and sample questions, download our Primary Healthcare Monitor briefing pack.

Five reasons to work with us to track your effectiveness and awareness with primary healthcare professionals

  1. Get more of your services commissioned. Learn about the best channels, messages and tone to use to engage with commissioner. Your teams can use this information to produce targeted communications that get commissioners to take notice of your charity.
  2. Increase your impact. Discover what these professionals, who are the gateway to many health and social services, know about what you do to better understand their needs. Then you can develop evidence-based plans to meet their needs and reach more people with your information and specialist support.
  3. Increase awareness of what you do amongst health professionals to improve healthcare. What do health professionals know about the condition you specialise in and support you offer? Use this insight to develop future campaigns to tackle any misconceptions. This will ensure patients get referred to you when they need it and the best support available.
  4. Identify new opportunities. Get feedback from those dealing directly with your audience. Then use our concrete recommendations based on analysing trends from the data to develop new services, projects or campaigns that deliver what the people you support need most.
  5. Compare your performance over time, with the voluntary, public and commercial sectors. Set key performance indicators for your work by benchmarking what you do with similar organisations in the charity sector and beyond. You can use this information to win funding and report back impact to supporters.

“Building relationships with health professionals is a very high priority for us. Year on year, we use this research to ensure that we are achieving our targets. Drawing on our results compared with our peers shapes our annual plans.”

Lily Dwek, Marketing Manager, Parkinson’s UK

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