Youth Engagement Monitor

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The Youth Engagement Monitor (YEM) is a syndicated research monitor tracking younger people’s (7-16 year-olds) involvement in, attitudes towards and awareness of charities or pressure groups. It also looks at more general social topics and areas of interest in the United Kingdom.

As with our other monitors, YEM is syndicated tracking research. Charities joining the syndicate benefit from reduced research costs and increased quality of information. By pooling their research budgets, participant charities can get a more frequent and more detailed insight into young people’s awareness of and attitudes towards charities and social issues than most charities could afford on their own. 

The syndicate model also gives you the ability to benchmark your results against other organisations over time. YEM provides years of trend data and a direct insight into what children and young people think about your charity and the third sector in general. The survey is structured in a way that gives you the flexibility to incorporate questions tailored to your charity’s priorities. 

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What is asked about and when?

Questions asked include the following:

  • Which charities have you heard of?
  • Can you name a charity that works in these areas (prompted list)?
  • Can you name any charities that have visited/you have learnt about at your school/university?
  • Which areas do these charities work in (prompted list)?
  • Have you made a donation to a charity in the last 3 months?
  • Have you volunteered for a charity in the last 3 months?
  • How do you hear about charities and their work (prompted list)?
  • How concerned are you with the following issues (prompted list)?
  • Which of these campaigns/initiatives have you heard about and how did you hear about them (prompted list)?
  • Which of the following actions have you done/would you consider doing (various prompted campaigning/volunteering/fundraising activities)?
  • Which of these descriptions would you associate with the following organisations/charitable activities (various prompted charities, charitable activities and descriptor words)?
  • Demographics including mobile phone ownership, internet usage, ethnic background etc.

The polling takes place every year. (back to top)

Sample and methodology

The research takes place by running two parallel online surveys. One is aimed at 200 respondents aged seven to 10, while the second targets 550 respondents aged 11 to 16. Both samples are made up of respondents living in the UK and they are nationally representative of the age, gender, geographical and social grading profile of the UK's general population. The survey for 11 to 16 year olds allows clients to submit up to two bespoke questions.

Charities pay an annual subscription to join the research and have their details added to the survey. A number of questions in the survey are kept the same in each wave so we can compare the results over time. We also leave room for questions on new topics so we can respond to current events or issues of interest to members. (back to top)

Who currently subscribes?

Charities that currently take part include The Children's Society, Guide Dogs for the Blind, RSPCA, Royal British Legion and NSPCC. (back to top)

The costs and package for subscribers

The costs of the joining the monitor are:

£4,600 (£4,100 for existing Charity Awareness Monitor clients)
£3,600 for organisations with a total annual income of less than £10m

For this, all members of the syndicate receive the following:

  • A detailed PowerPoint report per wave and access to data tables
  • Individual reports for the bespoke questions available
  • In-house presentations
  • Access to all your research via the client area of our website
  • Any extra analysis/segmentation of data on request
  • Invitations to our regular Insight events and the chance to network with other charities

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More details

For more information please email the YEM team at or call on 020 7426 8888.

Alternatively, you can download our briefing pack free from this page.