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12 Free Reports of Christmas

1. A Hidden Gem - Resilience report from the Clore Social Leadership Programme

The Clore Social Leadership Programme aims to develop and connect aspiring leaders in the  social sector who are working for the benefit of individuals and communities across the UK. nfpSynergy has been supporting Clore fellows on their research projects through a mixture of research.  

2. Major Donor Giving Research Report

This report is a synthesis of the current research that has been carried out into major donors and philanthropic giving. The idea is that members of the Institute of Fundraising should have available to them the latest ideas and insights from the worlds of academia and research. 

3. Is giving up or down and what is the best way to tell? nfpSynergy responds to the CAF's UK Giving Report 2012

The recent CAF/NCVO UK Giving report has announced that giving by individuals in the UK dropped by 20% between 2010/11 and 2011/12. If true, this would indicate a catastrophic decline in the generosity of the UK public and a major challenge for UK charities. But we don't think it is and we have a range of arguments against it, plus some of our own data. You can view that here.

4. Taking Nothing for Granted; a research report into what charities think a model grant-maker looks like

In early 2012 the John Ellerman Foundation embarked on a strategic review to find out what a model grant-maker looks like in the eyes of applicants and grantees, and compare practices in the grant-making sector. nfpSynergy was commissioned to carry out independent research with charities and their fundraisers. Part two, what the grant makers think about charities, is due in the new year.

5. Building Trust and Confidence in Charities; what should the sector do and what should charities do

Trust is of paramount importance to charities. The public’s trust is one of the major factors that underpin the donations of time and money by millions of people every year. But what is the best way to build that trust?

6. Branding Inside Out; a best practice guide by CharityComms

In today's world, a charity's brand has become a vitally important part of its appeal. Branding Inside Out, produced by CharityComms, has been compiled with the guidance of a steering group of brand experts.

7. Show and tell: a Best Practice Guide to portraying beneficiaries and service users

This was the first in a series of guides from CharityComms, the sector communications body. It was written by our Driver of Ideas, Joe Saxton, as part of his role as Chair of CharityComms. Portraying beneficiaries was picked as the first topic because it’s an area that creates plenty of problems without there being sufficient guidance on how to tackle them. 

8. More Than Shaking an Online Tin

The digital landscape is once again rapidly changing, presenting fresh challenges for everyone serious about exploiting it. For charities, the challenges are particularly stark. This report is the result of interviews with a range of stakeholders and is a discussion of the digital possibilities around.

9. The nfpSynergy blog

Our international team use their sector knowledge and expertise to discuss a wide range of issues facing the sector, including paid trustees, charity anniversaries and the relationship between non-profits and the government. You can view the blog here, but why not start with our most controversial one on TOIL, which generated a lot of comments on the website and feature on the Guardian's voluntary sector network.

10. Insights Presentations

Three times a year we run our Insights event, with detailed presentations on the issues that face the third sector. This year's included how to make the most out of social media, charities and executive pay and ten things to impress donors that don't cost a penny. You can download our Autumn Insights presentations here and Summer here.

11. Passion, Persistence, and Partnership: the secrets of earning more online (2nd Edition)

Working with MissionFish, we have carried out a survey of what charities are doing with social media for the first time. We have trend data on how the wider world is using social media, the rise of the mobile internet and the penetration of broadband into society as a whole.

12. Look! nfpSynergy did my PEST analysis

This report grew out of one released in October 2010 - It’s competition, but not as we know it (2nd edition) – which explored what it means for charities to compete, the changing face of that competition and the different strategies charities can follow in order to thrive.


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A Hidden Gem
Major Donors Final Report
Taking Nothing for Granted
Building Trust and Confidence
Branding Inside Out
Portraying Beneficiaries
More Than Shaking a Tin Online
Passion, Persistence and Partnerships
Look! nfpSynergy have done my PEST analysis

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