Five reasons why the case for a second London marathon has never been greater

Over ten years ago nfpSynergy predicted that there was a bright future for fundraising events also suggesting a second London marathon. The case for a second London marathon is even greater than it was over a decade ago. Here are five reasons why:

Give and Take: why is it so hard to measure public giving in the UK?

In this weeks blog Joe Saxton looks into why there's so much conflicting research about giving trends. It highlights the market research challenges in measuring giving from our new free report that looks at this issue in-depth and unpacks how some surveys can claim that Millennials give the most to charities whilst others claim its Baby Boomers.

Are children's charity brands in crisis?

With the popularity of children's charities in worrying decline, our guest blog this week takes a look into the branding history of four of the biggest children's charities in the UK. What can be learnt from these charities and are there any solutions to the challenges facing children's charities?