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Evaluate your impact

Evaluate your impact

Determining the impact your organisation makes in the lives of its beneficiaries isn't always easy. We can help you measure the effects of your key services and activities.
brand communications

Develop your brand communications

Our research has helped charities and non-profits develop communications which exemplify their brand and resonate with a wide range of audiences.
Secure influencer support

Secure influencer support

We want to help you develop strong engagement strategies and build lasting professional relationships with key influencers in your charity’s sector.
Maze game

Brand and strategy

We’ll find the evidence to ensure your organisation makes informed decisions about future direction and creates effective strategies to get there.
healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals

If you are a charity working with healthcare professionals, our charity market research can help you optimise your position in the changing medical landscape.
journalists and the media


We collect the views of journalists to help charities secure wider media coverage. Our charity market research can help you shape and improve your engagement with this group.
Hard to reach audiences

Hard-to-reach audiences

We have extensive experience of identifying and working with hard to reach groups as well as vulnerable populations in our charity market research.
Family taking selfie


Families often engage directly with charities as supporters or service users. Our charity market research can help you reach this audience.


We understand the complex stakeholders that charities have to deal with. Our charity market research can help you explore and understand various stakeholder groups.
General Public

General Public

We have been conducting charity market research with the general public for over 15 years. We can help you find out what people think and feel about your charity.
nfpSynergy research

Bespoke Research

Our specialist bespoke research team have the skills and experience to design your project from start to finish.
crowd of people


Find robust answers to tough questions your charity has.