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The New Alchemy Parts 2 and 3: Trends and motivations

This is the second part of our new volunteering report and you can download it free in the top right hand corner of this page. It's being released in seven parts:Part 1 – The political and social landscape for volunteeringPart 2 – Volunteering trends over the last decadePart 3 – Harnessing volunteer motivationsPart 4 – The changing mechanics of volunteeringPart 5 – Engaging the young, the old and the family to volunteerPart 6 – How do we manage the 21st Century Volunteer?

picture of slavery exhibition

Abolishing the Slave Trade; the first global campaign

When Granville Sharp found escaped slave Jonathan Strong outside his brother’s surgery for the poor in Cheapside in 1765, it was the spark that started the campaign to end the slave trade. Strong’s face had been beaten to a pulp by a pistol-whipping from his owner.

Picture of Nick Hurd

Seen and Not Hurd; what awaits Brooks Newmark, the new Minister for Civil Society?

As Nick Hurd leaves the sector to applause and acclaim from sector leaders, all eyes shift to Brooks Newmark MP, the new Minister for Civil Society. Apart from a name as unconventional as his background – he was born in the United States and lived there until he was nine – little seems to be known about him as he moves into the third sector hotseat.

Public uncertain of implications for charities if Scotland votes ‘Yes’

Scottish parties split over impact of independence on charities19 of the 20 SNP MSPs surveyed believe that Scottish independence would have a positive impact for charities, a new report finds Seven out of 15 Labour MSPs and four out of six Conservative MSPs surveyed raised concerns that charity funding in Scotland would be adversely affected by independence30% of Scottish public said they ‘didn’t know’ what impact Scottish independence would have on charities, pressure groups or voluntary organisations26% agreed that ‘the future could become less cer

2 in 3 people think rebrands and London offices are a waste of charities’ money

Donors are reassured when no one earns over £50,000 or travels on first class rail69% of people think London-based offices and rebrands are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ wasteful (slide 2)Over a third of people think lobbying government or other organisations is ‘fairly’ or ‘very’ worthwhile (slide 2)54% feel the same way about advertising, while 61% say that about developing a website (slide 2)The best way for charities to make people feel confident they’ll spend a donation well is to not allow staff to travel first class on expenses according to 52% (slide 3)Half of people would feel confident if the organisation was run mostly by volunteers (50%), no one earned more than £50,000 a year (47%) and no one got a bonus (46%) (slide 3)One in three said they’d feel confident if a charity had no offices in London, while 23% would if staff paid for their own Christmas party. One in ten would if staff worked a day a month for free (slide 3)