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How charities can make the most out of social media

by Vicky Browning - Director, CharityComms Just like when King Arthur asked a few of his mates to sit round in a circle for a chinwag, a number of myths have grown up around social media. Vicky Browning, director of CharityComms, looks at whether some of these assumptions are stifling charities' abilities to use it as an effective communications channel.

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Working Out; making use of employee volunteering time

It’s a risky move to gleefully emphasise how much you want to work somewhere else during company time in an interview, but it’s a gamble I was happy to take when I applied for my internship here. Knowing that I would be able to keep up my volunteering commitments was a real selling point for me and it is for many employees.


Proportion of satisfied donors up by 12 percentage points overall since 2006

The proportion of donors claiming to be satisfied overall with their charitable giving experience is up by 12 percentage points (up 8 percentage points re ‘moderately satisfied’, up 4 percentage points re ‘very satisfied’), from 80% in June 2006 to 92% in Nov 2011 (slides 2-3) Specific donor-experience aspects showing a notable increase (slides 4-7) in claimed satisfaction over this period include: ‘having contact with other supporters of the charity’ (up 9 percentage points); ‘having an ongoing relationship with the charity’ (up 8 percentage points);

Joe Saxton with his gold award

Congratulations Joe!

On Monday the 2nd of July our founder and driver of ideas, Joe Saxton, won the Lifetime Contribution Award at the 20th annual Institute of Fundraising National Awards. We at nfpSynergy know how hard Joe works and it is wonderful to see him be recognised for his efforts.

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What does the model grant-maker look like

We have just launched the results of our research into what charities want from grant-makers, and what a model grant-maker looks like in the eyes of charities. ‘Taking nothing for granted’ is an extensive piece of research and here is a blog outlining what we believe are some of the hallmarks of a model grant-maker.