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woman shopping

Swapping to save the world

Two weeks ago at Tenter Ground we transformed our main meeting room downstairs into a pop up ‘swap shop’ and traded our old, unwanted or unused clothes, shoes and accessories with each other in the name of fashion, recycling and the climate. Swap shops, freecycling, swishing or even - as Joanna Lumley has now coined on behalf of M&S’s new initiative – “shwopping” are a growing phenomena that encourage us to swap our old or outgrown garments with colleagues/friends/family/strangers instead of throwing them away and buying new clothes.

Interns discussing important business

Life as an nfpSynergy Intern

Sadly, my time at nfpSynergy is winding down and someone new will soon take my place. I thought I would take this time to reflect on my work and share my experiences so that applicants can know what being an Intern with the Business Development team is like.


Privacy Policy

At nfpSynergy data protection is a process of continual review, and we constantly assess out methodologies and practices to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Less than half (43%) of the public think they have heard of the Charity Commission

Less than half (43%) the public think they have heard of the Charity CommissionLess than a third (30% - slide 3, attached) of the public have definitely heard of itOnly a quarter (25%) of public are definitely aware that the Charity Commission regulates and monitors the activities of charities​Public see the Charity Commission’s prime functions (slide 4) as keeping a charity register; and investigating fraudulent/bogus charities


More Than Shaking an Online Tin

The digital landscape is once again rapidly changing, presenting fresh challenges for everyone serious about exploiting it. For charities, the challenges are particularly stark; for whilst the large majority of charities endeavour to get a healthy return fromtheir existing efforts (which for many means their websites and emails) the whole experience of digital consumption and digital transactions is changing.

Image of lots of balloons in the sky

Welcome to our new website!

When we started the process of creating a new website last Autumn we asked you, the people who visited our website what you liked and didn’t like about the old site. To be honest you damned us with faint praise.

Joe Saxton

Joe Saxton Driver of Ideas

Joe Saxton is Driver of Ideas at nfpSynergy and its founder. Joe works on a range of specific projects, especially those that look at strategic advice on fundraising or communications, or wider organisational issues.