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Public expects ideal charity to be even more 'supportive' in a recession

“Fantastic opportunity for courageous charities to respond to this public plea”, rallies nfpSynergy’s BakerThe public are keener than ever for charities to be 'supportive', 'sympathetic' and 'responsive', now that the UK has entered recession, according to new data out today: demands that pose an interesting challenge to an already struggling third sector.


Party conferences of limited use for lobbying, MPs & Peers tell charities

 Last year 1 in 4 MPs didn't even bother going, rising to almost 1 in 3 Labour MPs  "More persuasive to lobby politicians face-to-face in Westminster or at constituency level" says nfpSynergy's Lincoln As the party conference season gets underway, only 13% of MPs and 9% of Peers rate attending such gatherings as one of the best ways for charities to influence them, trailing almost every other lobby tactic - according to a poll out today.


What charities can learn from the Obama campaign

This presentation, from our 2009 Scottish seminar, examines the 'Obama effect', and the way his election campaign combined new online methods with tried and tested campaigning techniques. It includes examples of his campaigning and fundraising emails, and looks at what charities can learn to use in their own work.

nfpSynergy Scottish charity research

A presentation from our 2009 Scottish seminar looking at which charities have the highest awareness in Scotland, how the Scottish charity sector compares to the UK as a whole, what charities can do to impress MSPs, and more results from our Scottish research.

Critique of the government's "Citizenship Survey"

“Flabby” Government definitions exaggerate volunteering figures Pet-sitting, pub-pointing, child-cheering and picketing could all, officially, count as “volunteering”“Tighter definitions needed to uncover true volunteering levels; and to plan/evaluate Government strategy and investment,” vies nfpSynergy’s BakerLooking after a pet for a friend, pointing out a pub to a stranger, cheering your child at cricket or even joining a picket: these are all countable instances of volunteering according to Government