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Houses of Parliament

Charity Parliamentary Monitor

What do MPs and Peers think about the charity sector? How do they feel about your brand, campaigns and effectiveness compared to your comparators? Our charity market research can help you answer these questions.

Irish Charity Engagement Monitor

If your charity is active in Ireland or wants to start making an impact there, monitoring public awareness and opinion is crucial to achieving your goals.
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Charity Brand Evaluator

The Charity Brand Evaluator provides an understanding of how the public views your charity. Discover insights to help ensure you’re communicating the intended message.
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Charity Awareness Monitor

Understanding how people see your organisation is essential for developing better strategies. We can provide you with unique, in-depth and cost effective charity market research.
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Tracking Research

nfpSynergy has spent 15 years doing charity market research. Our Tracking Research has helped over 100 charities find answers to a range of unique questions.
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Leading market research consultancy working exclusively with nonprofits.

1 in 5 people claim to donate more to charity at Christmas yet a similar proportion say they find it harder to give

Charity not high up wish-list of what people say constitutes “the meaning of Christmas”“Charities cannot take Christmas for granted but season still affords opportunity to cut through tinsel and tug at hearts”, says nfpSynergy’s Saxton The “Season of Goodwill” affords a mixed Santa’s sack for British charities, according to research out today. Whilst (slide 3) 1 in 5 (20%) Brits say they tend to give more to charities at Christmas, a similar number (17%) also claim they find it harder to give to good causes.


Trust in charities down over 10 percentage points since last General Election.

Charities rally to rank third most trusted UK institution, behind army / NHS, but sector has long-term ‘trust volatility’ second only to banksCharities trusted most by women, under-45s, donors and worshippers; with different trust-triggers for different demographsAge/size of charity, brand awareness, charitable cause and external events also all impact on trust“Charity Commission’s statutory duty, alone, cannot build public trust in charities.