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Action for Trustee Racial Diversity – Key findings from mapping survey questionnaire

Review key findings from Malcom John's Action for Trustee Racial Diversity report with some interesting statistics including:

  • 62% of the top charities by income have all white boards. By contrast there are only four all-BAME boards - 50% fewer than in 2016 (Inclusive Boards 2018)

  • 34 out of 100 UK major charities have all white Senior Leadership (both voluntary and professional) (Green Park 2017)

  • 2.9% of trustees in the sector are women of colour (Inclusive Boards 2018)

  •  92% of trustees are white, older, and above average income and education      (Charity Commission 2017)

  • 71% of trustees are recruited through an informal process

  • A survey of the top 500 charities by income found that between 2016 and 2018 the number of charity boards that are all white actually increased by 5 to 62%. By contrast there are only four all-BAME boards, a 50% reduction since 2016.

  • The level of ethnic minority individuals on large charity boards is just 6.6%, representing 418 trustees out of a total of 6338 trustees.


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Action for Trustee Racial Diversity - Final Report

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