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Challenging Cuts - investigating the response of charities to front-line service cuts

Warning sign which reads 'Cut here for emergency exit'
Has the charity sector been doing enough in response to government funding cuts? ​Local authorities have been subjected to a high level of cuts in the last five years, ​with the Autumn 2015 spending review ​promising to go even further. 
We interviewed charity professionals from a number of different sectors to produce this report, exploring how charities and communities have been responding to frontline service funding cuts, both from local and central government. Is there evidence that charities have been working together in the face of adversity​What can domestic charities learn from overseas development charities and the way they have managed to have the overseas aid budget ring-fenced? Looking to the future, our report questions how charities might prepare for further cuts.


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Challenging cuts - the impact of funding cuts on frontline charities

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