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Charities at Christmas


The run up to Christmas 2015 was a busy period for charities. Giving Tuesday, big TV adverts and multiple Christmas appeals meant that people had even more contact with charities than usual. But how do the UK public feel about charities at Christmas? Which campaigns are the most successful and why?

In part one of this report we discuss our recent research into the public’s experiences of interacting with charities at Christmas. We look at which causes, charities and campaigns were the winners of Christmas 2015 and why.

Part two of this report explores what our Charities at Christmas project can tell us about how online community research captures in-depth audience insight, how the donor experiences and views change over time and what interactions between participants can do to deepen our insight.

In part three we explored key tensions in the donor experience. This report reviews these major points of conflict and provides crucial insight into generosity versus budget constraints, the allure of quick fixes, short- versus long-term fundraising strategies, and the role of emotion. Ultimately, this part offers a set of resolutions to help charities overcome the pressing challenges they face in 2016.

Online Communities research is an innovative new methodology that enables us to capture people’s real-time experiences and views on charities with in-depth questioning and social interactions with their peers. For more information about this research please contact insight@nfpsynergy.net if you would like to take part in this research in the future, please sign up here.


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Charities at Christmas, Report Part 1
Charities at Christmas, Report Part 2
Charities at Christmas, Report Part 3

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