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Fundraising Around the World


nfpSynergy have produced a new report in association with Australian consultancy More Strategic. We did stand-alone quantitative research in nine countries with a representative sample of populations from Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The report looks at:

  • Levels of trust in charities in these nine countries 
  • Fundraising and volunteering habits
  • Attitudes to charities and their importance in society
  • Favourite causes in the respective countries
  • An analysis of giving patterns in relation to religion, to size of donation, and a segmentation of attitudes to charity

This research provides a range of insights into how we can build trust and support for charities. You can download it using the download form below. Short on time? Read Joe Saxton's summary of some of the key findings from this report in our blog.


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Fundraising Around the World Report

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