Work in Progress - The golden threads that run through strategies for mission delivery in not for profits

Golden threads

Most of the work we publish contains some data from either quantitative or qualitative research. Evidence for our assertions is typically a pre-requisite before we create ideas or recommendations about what we think is happening.

However, our latest report has neither data nor research behind it, except in the broadest sense. It is based on many years of Joe Saxton working with at least 200 charities and not for profits. The report is called ‘Work in Progress’ and is an attempt by Joe to see if there are some universal threads that run through the way that mission-based organisations deliver that mission.

It is a set of ideas about how charities might be able to create better strategies for doing their job. Indeed, it’s Joe’s most original set of ideas since ‘Its competition, but not as we know it’ was first published 20 years ago. At its heart is the idea that far from cancer research being very different from overseas development, animal welfare, or tackling homelessness, there are ‘golden threads’ that connect all these areas of mission delivery. Understanding these threads and seeing the connections will help people to create more effective strategies for delivering their mission.

So here is my problem. It has proved very hard to know if these ideas make any sense. Who are the right people to ask for their thoughts, as these ideas cross discipline and sector?

At the moment, the report is a beta version (as the title suggests). We want to offer an inducement for some feedback, good or bad. The first 20 people read the report and come back with viable feedback, whether it’s a few words or an essay, will get an Amazon voucher for £25 or a donation to a charity of their choice of £25.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Joe Saxton

Please use the purple download form located underneath the ‘Share this Resource’ social buttons to download the report. You can scroll down further to leave a comment, or send your feedback directly to Joe using the email address given above.


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Work in Progress - The golden threads that run through strategies for mission delivery in not for profits

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