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Child's Play: What has happened to children's charities over the last decade?

The last 5-10 years has seen a significant decline in the popularity of children's charities across the UK. This report reveals the declining levels of voluntary income experienced by these charities along with a slide in awareness and attitudes amongst the public and politicians alike. It also explores the possible reasons as to why this is happening and most importantly what can be done about it.  

Some key figures:

  • Public awareness of children's charities has decline from 33% in 2012 to 25% in 2019.
  • In 2002, just 18% of MPs could not recall having any contact with a children's charity. By 2016 this had increased to 34%
  • Total voluntary income for children's charities has declined to £170 million in 2018, down from £196 million in 2013.

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