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Facts & Figures: Grant-Making Trusts

This free report gives an overview of grant-making trusts, with a specific look at relationships between grant givers and grantees. Discover the role of grants in the UK, and the viewpoint of the grantee in regards to the grant maker and the processes involved.

Key Facts:

  • There are around 8,000 UK grant-making trusts, giving a total of £3bn annually.
  • The average individual grant size in the UK is £10,000.
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest grant giver worldwide and in second place is the Wellcome Trust.
  • Communication between beneficiaries and funders is problematic; with 68% of funders not talking to beneficiaries before funding, and 65% not talking after funding.


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Facts & Figures Grant-Making Trusts

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