Top 10 Reports of 2014

With our 100th free report on the way in the next few months, we thought we'd take a look at some of our recent ones. All 99 reports are available free on our website, but here's a snapshot of the top 10 most downloaded in 2014.

1. The New Alchemy - our huge in-depth report on volunteering

2. The Politics of Charities - do people think charities should lobby? 

3. Thanks for Everything - how do charities thank their donors?

4. Global Digital Fundraising - fundraising opportunities in a digital world

5. A Healthy Audience - does prevalence match charity size?

6. A Trusted Role - how to create an effective trustee board

7. Nine Campaign Tactics - strategies for charities before an election

8. The Right Attitude - how to segment your audience and why

9. A Short Briefing on Corporate Gift Aid - problems and solutions

10. Searching for Answers - how transparent are our charities?

Download all 10 in one quick click on the right hand side of this page.


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The New Alchemy Part 1
The Politics of Charities
Thanks for Everything
Global Digital Fundraising
A Healthy Audience
A Trusted Role
Nine Campaign Tactics
The Right Attitude
A Short Briefing on Corporate Gift Aid
Searching for Answers

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