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What’s in a Name? The key issues when a charity wants to change their name

Changing name is a huge decision for a charity. Getting it right can secure the long term future of a charity and boost awareness, reputation and income. Getting it wrong can be an expensive disaster and too often the decision is made without the proper care or research. Many charities have changed their name before and it’s a decision many more will go on to face.

With this in mind, we've written this free report to offer our thoughts and experiences. It looks at all of the following key questions:

  • Why would a charity want to change their name?
  • Which attributes make a good name?
  • Which are some of the best charity names at the moment?
  • What are the challenges of a name change?
  • What are the five golden rules of a name change?
  • Should your charity actually change its name?
  • How do you decide?

What's in a Name


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What's in a Name?

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