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Touch and Go: The internet, digital TV and mobile telephony as tools for maximising the impact of charities

This report aims to help voluntary organisations better understand the nature of the current technological revolution and plan for the future accordingly. A key theme runs through the report; new communications technologies, including the internet, digital TV and mobile telephones, allow charities to do more with less, to punch above their weight, to reach new audiences, develop new services and to remorselessly achieve their goals more effectively.

Innovation: A roadmap for homeless agencies

The Innovation Roadmap is designed to guide homelessness and other voluntary organisations towards a culture of more systematic innovation. It provides a sector specific analysis of the innovation process, explaining why it is important, how it can be incorporated into an organisation’s culture, and what the barriers are likely to be.

The Future of Homelessness

The future is an uncertain place when you are working with a phenomenon that is as complex and changeable as homelessness. This briefing aims to help homeless agencies to understand the significance of the key social, political and economic forces that affect their work so that they may be better prepared for what is to come.

Diamond close up

Polishing the Diamond

A charity's image is crucial to the success of every part of the organisation. Unlike companies who have products and services to sell, charities are often selling an idea or a cause.


Who are we here for?

Joe Saxton looks at the relationships between users, stakeholders and accountability and argues that user involvement in the trustee body is far from the only route to increased accountability


333 results. Pages: ← Previous Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17