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The Politics of Charities

As the Lobbying Bill trundles through Parliament, the nightmare of charities being severely limited in politically representing their beneficiaries threatens to become a reality. So what exactly do the public think about charities having the right to lobby?

Public happy for charities to lobby in Westminster

Majority of MPs wary of charities ‘being political’, journalists more neutralMore than half (58%) of the public agreed ‘charities should be able to campaign to change laws and government policies relevant to their work’, while only 10% disagreedJust 4% said that a charity’s campaigning to change the law put them off donating, compared with 62% who would be put off by ‘too little money going to the cause’When we asked 157 MPs about what it means to them for a charity to ‘be political’, 78% of Conservative MPs said it was a negative thing2

Volunteering at Christmas has real potential for growth, new research suggests

Volunteering at Christmas has real potential for growth, new research suggestsMore than a quarter of people (28%) plan to volunteer over the Christmas period this year (slide 2)Charities are set to be the biggest recipients of Christmas volunteering time (12%), ahead of Churches and community organisations (both 9%) (slide 2)The most popular reason for volunteering is existing volunteers carrying on over Christmas, but only a third of people said this (36%) (slide 3)Other major motivations included a third of people (32%) who feel Christ

The 12 Insights of Christmas

As it's the season of goodwill, we're giving away The 12 Insights of Christmas. They look at some of the key issues facing the charity sector and include research, interviews and advice from charities and from us.

‘Too little money going to the cause’ remains people’s top reason for not donating

More than half of people now concerned about high staff salaries and are unclear on how donations are spentPeople’s most common reason for not giving to charity is “too little money going to the cause” (62%) (slide 2)“Too much being spent on staff salaries” is now the second most common reason for not donating on 53%, up 6% from last year.

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The Right Attitude

Segmenting your key audiences enables you to reach the right people with the right messages – the ones that will inspire people to make a difference will help you to grow your organisation and meet your objectives.

New research report analyses CEO pay in the top 50 best known charities

nfpSynergy data looks at five years of CEO salaries in the UK's 50 best-known charitiesCharity chief executives have recently found themselves under the spotlight in one area more than any other; their salaries. Plenty has been said about the public objecting to anyone at a charity earning over £100k a year, but we have been looking at how we got to this stage.

The Right Values?

Charities, voluntary and community groups, faith based organisations, and social enterprises, together, represent the substantial and diverse social sector.


Number of young volunteers has nearly doubled over the last decade

Over a quarter of UK adults say they have volunteered in the last three months"It’s particularly good that young people are finally becoming more involved in volunteering. Charities have to make sure the idea appeals to a variety of ages and isn’t just stereotyped as elderly people staffing charity shops and tombolas.

Strength in numbers; how independent hospices can raise more income from voluntary and donated sources to fund their work

In 2010, the think tank Demos published a report entitled ‘Dying for Change’ highlighting some of the challenges facing hospices in the future. Help the Hospices responded to this by setting up the Commission into the Future of Hospice Care to provide guidance, information and options for hospices to inform their strategic position and offerings in the next 10 to 20 years.

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