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100 reports from nfpsynergy

12 Free Reports of Christmas 2015

We would like to thank our clients and partners for inspiring us to keep researching the topical issues in the sector. As part of our Social Investment programme we regularly produce Free Reports and feed our finding back to the sector so any charity regardless its size or sector can find something useful.

New research shows that MPs & public want tighter regulation of charity fundraising

Two thirds of MPs think that we need tighter regulation of charity fundraising Conservative MPs are particularly unimpressed with how the sector has responded to recent media coverage and are less likely to support charity campaigns in parliament 71% of the general public think that tighter regulation is needed even if it means that charities raise less money

Long live the digital revolution in charities

There is little doubt that digital technology has transformed the lives of people in the UK. Alongside the digital giants such as Google and Yahoo who exist purely because of the digital world, startups like Uber or WhatsApp have incorporated technology into their business models and now thrive.

Graph showing trust in charities over time

Trust in charities falls again - Interactive Chart

Trust in charities falls from 53% in Spring 15 to 48% in Autumn 2015 Charities have fallen from 8th place to 12th place in just 6 months in the list of trusted public institutions Now behind supermarkets and TV & Radio stations in levels of trust


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