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Why age matters for charities

A look at generational differences in charity engagement and the socio-economic changes influencing patterns of engagement over people's lifetime.

Young Brits spontaneously name Fry, Beckham and X Factor judges as celebrities most likely to make them support a charity

However, young people remain generally ‘cautious’ and ‘picky’ re charity celebrity endorsers - especially as they get older“A charity courting youth support must recruit just the right celeb to woo its target age and gender”, vies nfpSynergy’s SaxtonYoung Brits spontaneously name Cheryl Cole, David Beckham, Simon Cowell, then Stephen Fry as the top four celebrities most likely to influence them to support any charity they endorsed - according to data out today.


Dramatic growth in public support for charities investing in fundraising

Nonetheless, majority of people still back quick-spend of donations now, on current charitable ‘need’"Inescapable tension between spending donations on current need, and saving or investing - but trend of opinion in right direction,” says SaxtonThere has been a dramatic increase in public support for charities investing in their own fundraising, according to new data out today.


Young People in Governance - November 2010

Young people have much to contribute to the governance of charities and not-for-profits, whether they work specifically with children and young people. Young people can bring a fresh perspective and new energy to decision-making, as well as making boards more diverse and representative of the general public and – for some charities – their service users.

Child issues dominate top public concerns tackled by charities

5 of the top 10 of a wide range of issues of greatest public concern that are tackled by charities are child-relatedPublic seemingly least naturally concerned about issue of sensory impairment, and the impact of drink“Public worries about children and young people from a variety of angles, fuelled by media delivering related stories,” vies nfpSynergy’s Joe SaxtonHalf the ‘top ten’ of a wide range of issues of greatest public concern that are tackled by charities are child-related - according to new data

Most MPs embrace business support for political parties, but say such backing from charities should remain banned

Labour MPs least keen on businesses supporting political parties, being completely split down the middle on the issueLabour MPs keenest on charities supporting political parties, although still broadly against it“The government review of red tape should see a re-analysis of the restrictions placed on charities, so they can join businesses in advancing their agendas in the way they - with trustees’ and supporters’ backing - see fit,” says nfpSynergy’s SaxtonMost MPs believe that businesses should b


New people still to write wills afford charities the largest legacy potential

Young, single and childless who have still to write wills are amongst those most amenable to charity legacy-giving Those most amenable to legacy-giving are also most open to letting a charity draft their will for free (no obligation to give)“Charities should especially target younger legacy-givers to help create a culture of legacy-giving,” vies nfpSynergy People yet to write a will comprise a larger potential new legacy market for charities than those who have already written one currently without a bequ

Will the ‘Big Society’ agenda be split down party lines?

Public support for specific charitable 'causes' varies significantly, depending on political outlookOverall level of public giving/volunteering is 'party neutral'"Interesting to see how differences in different parties' supporter's specific charitable sympathies might sway coalition policy, as the Big Society unfolds," nfpSynergy commentsSupport for specific charitable causes varies with political outlook, according to  out today

Scottish Charity Presentations 2010

This presentation includes three talks on the day - highlights of our work in Scotland, how much do people trust charities and how to create a powerful charity brand.

Understanding Misunderstood Youth

nfpSynergy has created this report to contribute to the knowledge of charities, policy makers and community organisations work¬ing to support young people involved with and affected by street violence, explore the facts about young people’s involvement in street violence and identify the groups most at risk and examine the solutions proposed by charities and not-for-profit organisations working to sup¬port young people with their needs and aspirations to prevent them becoming offenders.

4 in 5 people worry that charities may close, stopping their services, due to weak economy

Anxious public may need convincing on "Big Society" resilience"Sector should reassure  and mobilise public; government should reassure and support sector" vies nfpSynergy's Rebecca MolyneuxOver four fiths (82%) of the public say they are concerned about charities having to close, stopping their services, due to the economic malaise - according to data out today. 43% say the are "very" or "extremely" concerned.


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