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Volunteering levels still flat despite Britain’s ‘golden summer’

Olympics fail to inspire 7 in 10 adults to volunteer, but half of young people now keen"The time to act was right away to build on the momentum of the games and it looks like the government and the Olympic legacy organisations have either tried and failed, or missed the opportunity completely.


A Chance to Give

It's fair to say that lottery deregulation for charities has been an issue for decades. Lotteries have been a staple part of the fundraising scene for years, but they are restricted by legislation and regulation from reaching their full potential.

Spring Insights 2013

Thank you to everyone who attended our Insights event. If you couldn't make it, thank you for your interest in the event and we hope to see you next time.

Public give their opinions on charity staff pay

More than half of people are against paying trustees and a third are against paying CEOs“I wonder if the paid CEOs who happily say trustees shouldn’t be paid because of public trust will take any take any notice of the public’s reticence to pay CEOs.

Scottish independence could have a big impact on UK-wide fundraising strategies

Half of English and Welsh people less likely to give to charities working in an independent Scotland“The recent report from the Carnegie Trust shows that many charities in Scotland aren’t thinking about what independence might mean. I dread to think how little UK-wide charities have done regarding the ramifications for them.


Innovation (still) Rules

The not-for-profit sector is, by its very nature, innovative. Charities exist to respond to an unmet need or to drive change.


12 Free Reports of Christmas

1. A Hidden Gem - Resilience report from the Clore Social Leadership ProgrammeThe Clore Social Leadership Programme aims to develop and connect aspiring leaders in the  social sector who are working for the benefit of individuals and communities across the UK.

Branding Inside Out; a best practice guide

In today's world, a charity's brand has become a vitally important part of its appeal. Branding Inside Out, produced by CharityComms, has been compiled with the guidance of a steering group of brand experts.


Future Hospice Income and Fundraising

As part of our work with Help The Hospices, we held a conference for representatives from the industry to discuss the future of hospice funding and other issues facing the sector. We had many attendees from up and down the country, with our insightful presentations provoking some excellent debate among those present.

Charity lottery de-regulation / Charities and executive pay

by Joe Saxton – Driver of Ideas, nfpSynergy How lottery deregulation could raise more money for charities. Society lotteries are the most regulated part of fundraising: the prize money, the amount of money, the profitability and much more of charity lotteries are regulated.

How charities can make the most out of social media

by Vicky Browning - Director, CharityComms Just like when King Arthur asked a few of his mates to sit round in a circle for a chinwag, a number of myths have grown up around social media. Vicky Browning, director of CharityComms, looks at whether some of these assumptions are stifling charities' abilities to use it as an effective communications channel.

Proportion of satisfied donors up by 12 percentage points overall since 2006

The proportion of donors claiming to be satisfied overall with their charitable giving experience is up by 12 percentage points (up 8 percentage points re ‘moderately satisfied’, up 4 percentage points re ‘very satisfied’), from 80% in June 2006 to 92% in Nov 2011 (slides 2-3) Specific donor-experience aspects showing a notable increase (slides 4-7) in claimed satisfaction over this period include: ‘having contact with other supporters of the charity’ (up 9 percentage points); ‘having an ongoing relationship with the charity’ (up 8 percentage points);


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