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High fundraising standards deemed top “driver” of public trust in charities

  • Direct “personal contact” and having a “long-established brand” adjudged next most trust-inducing attributes.
  • “Charities should learn from the mistakes of MPs and act on raising standards now”, vies nfpSynergy’s Baker 

Amidst a recent plethora of negative fundraising stories in the media, having “high fundraising standards” (46%), having made “personal contact” (39%) and possessing a “long-established brand” (38%) are the top three prompted “drivers” the public say makes them most likely to trust a charity, according to data out today (see attached slide 2)

A charity’s “being a member of the Fundraising Standards Board” was adjudged the fifth (30%) most trust-inducing charitable attribute from the prompted list, doubtless reflecting the number one slot. 

Leading not-for-profit sector research consultancy nfpSynergy’s Charity Awareness Monitor surveys a representative sample of 1000 16+ year olds throughout mainland Britain every year, asking them a range of charity-related questions. 

nfpSynergy researcher, Jonathan Baker, said:

"People are far more likely to support a charity that they trust and most charities in the UK are well worth trusting. Trust is, however, all about perception. This data shows that the public will trust a charity that they believe has high fundraising standards. Thus, as bad news stories about junk mail and fake TV phone-ins abound, the sector must surely learn from the mistakes of MPs over expenses and seize the initiative to get its own professional house in order, now – and be seen to have done this – if it is to stave off a potential reputational crisis and subsequent slump in public trust and support in the future! It is quite possible that all charities may soon be expected by the public - perhaps even by government - to sign up to national fundraising standards, and the sector should be perceived to be moving towards this goal with enthusiasm.” 



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Note to editors:

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Trust drivers in charities

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