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How to make additions to CAM Core

The Charity Awareness Monitor is designed to track your brand, benchmark against others and understand sector trends.

This guide will help you make CAM surveys relevant for your organisation. As a subscriber there are a number of additions that you can make every quarter to the measures below:

1 x Campaign awareness

1 x Logo recognition OR Logo attribution

2 x Corporate partnership awareness

2 x Awareness of issues

2 x Issues of Concern

4 x Bespoke questions per year


Campaign awareness - This helps you to find out if the UK public are aware of any campaigns, activities or services you are running. Use this question to track whether awareness of a particular campaign grows over time or how different campaigns you run over the year compare to one another.

  • Question: “Listed below are the names of a number of campaigns, services, activities or initiatives by charities: some are done through advertising; some are on TV or in the newspapers.  Please indicate whether you have heard of each of the following.” 
  • Your addition: e.g.Cancer Research UK's Race for Life
  • Answer options: Definitely heard of/ Probably heard of/ Not sure/ Definitely not heard of

 - Test how many people have seen your logo in the last nine months with the  question. Benchmark recognition of your logo against other charities or track how specific brand activities might impact these awareness levels.

  • Question: “Have you seen any of the following logos in the past 9 months?”
  • Your addition: e.g. Cancer Research logo as image
  • Answer options: Definitely yes/ Probably yes/ Not sure/ Probably not/ Definitely not

Find out if the public know that your logo belongs to you with the  question. To participate in this question, submit your logo with your charity name obscured. Test whether the public correctly assign your logo to you, or if there is confusion between you and your competitors.

  • Question: “Do you know which charity this logo belongs to?”
  • Your addition: e.g. Cancer Research C logo with words removed as image
  • Answer options: I don't recognise this logo/ recognise it but don't know which charity it's for/ I recognise this logo - it belongs to.../ I'm not sure if I recognise

Corporate partnerships awareness - The question tests how many are aware of your charity’s corporate partnerships. Discover which of these partnerships has the highest levels of recognition and how this compares to the partnerships of other charities.

  • Question: “Listed below are the names of a number of charities and companies who created partnerships with each other. Please look at the list and indicate whether you have heard of each of the partnerships.”
  • Your addition: e.g. Cancer Research UK and Tesco, e.g. Cancer Research UK and TK Maxx
  • Answer options: Definitely heard of/ Probably heard of/ Not sure/ Definitely not heard of

Awareness of issues - Are the issues you work on currently being talked about? Are your communications reaching your target audiences? Are issues prompted by other charities making more or less of an impact? Did your campaign or press release increase people’s awareness of the issues that matter to you? Add your issues to the question below to find out.

  • Question: “Have you read, seen or heard anything about the following issues related to [selected sector] in the last three months?”
  • Your addition: e.g. The importance of spotting signs and symptoms of cancer early, e.g. The impact of smoking on the next generation
  • Answer options: Definitely heard of/Probably heard of/Not sure/Definitely not heard of

​Issues of concern - Use this question to see how concerned the public are about the issues you work on. You can use the same prompts in this questions as those in the awareness of issues question or different issues entirely. Track whether concern about an issue varies across the year, whether its affected by wider events and context and how it compares to the issues other charities are trying to raise in the public’s mind.

  • Question:Thinking about the following issues related to [selected sector], please state how concerned you are about them
  • Your additions: e.g. pets' welfare, e.g. animals protection
  • Answer Options: Extremely concerned/Very concerned/ Fairly concerned/Not very concerned/Not at all concerned/Don’t know

Bespoke questions - ​You can customise your CAM even more by adding bespoke questions. It is a unique opportunity to ask 1,000 members of the UK public four questions a year that are relevant to you. No other charities in the syndicate will see your bespoke questions so they can be tailored completely for your needs. Read more about how to make the most out of your bespoke questions here.

Remember, your account manager is always here to help you with your additions and bespoke questions. Call us should you have any enquiries at all.