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Inside the mind of a grant-maker

This is the second of our reports on the relationship between grant-makers and charities. The first report focused on the grant-maker and charity relationship from charities’ points of view. This report focuses on the relationship from grant-makers’ perspectives.
For this report, we interviewed 21 grant-makers of different sizes. In our interviews, we saw both a number of common themes and some areas where grant-makers differed and we decided to try and set out some of the thinking processes that go on inside grant-makers.
In contrast to our previous report which was rich with charts and data, this one is rich with quotes direct from the grant-makers themselves. What better way to get inside the mind of a grant-maker than to hear what they have to say?
If you'd like to download the first one, it is available free here.


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Inside the mind of a grant-maker
Executive Summary

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