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Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor

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If your organisation works closely with Parliament, finding out what MPs and peers think of you is essential. In an economic climate where every penny of your budget counts, you need to know if you're making an impact.

Since 2004 nfpSynergy has conducted a twice yearly survey of MPs for government agencies, public bodies, regulatory and professional organisations called the Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor. It provides a way for these organisations to understand how effective they are at working with MPs and peers by providing ongoing tracking and performance benchmarks.

It can be both time-consuming and expensive for you to track how effectively you are creating the desired impression with MPs and Lords. Our regular poll provides an excellent, cost-effective way of tracking parliamentarians' knowledge and opinion of your organisation. Anecdotal information may prove useful in assessing the impact of communications, but a structured and regular poll provides an objective benchmark on which to measure campaign success.

On this page

What do we ask about and when?

  • The effectiveness of member organisations as ranked by MPs. We also include a comparator organisation for each participant.
  • The most frequent and the most influential ways in which MPs come into contact with organisations.
  • MPs’ awareness of specific public or parliamentary campaigns that an individual organisation is running.
  • Verbatim comments from MPs about each participant organisation.
  • The opportunity for organisations to add specific questions, the results of which are private to the organisation concerned (for an additional cost).
  • Results can be cross-tabulated by a range of variables, such as political party, marginality of seat, broad geographical areas, gender or length of service at Westminster.

The surveys of MPs take place twice a year, usually in May and October. The Lords are surveyed once a year, in June.

Sample and methodology

We have an established partnership with a fieldwork provider specialising in parliamentary research. A minimum of 150 MPs respond to each survey. The sample is representative of the House of Commons by both party and region, and we are always happy to conduct further analysis of results by political party, date of birth, date of first election, marginality of seat, and region.

We also survey the Lords each year, with a sample of approximately 100 peers.

Which organisations have subscribed to this research?

Past clients have included The Big Lottery Fund, the Local Government Association, the General Medical Council and the Charity Commission.

The cost and package for participants

The cost for an annual subscription to the Attitudes and Awareness Parliamentary Monitor is £6,800 plus VAT. The annual survey of the House of Lords costs £3,400 plus VAT.
Membership of AAPM entitles members to the following:

  • The name of their organisation in the list of organisations on the questionnaire
  • The name of another organisation of their choice added to the list for comparison purposes
  • The complete data tables
  • A PowerPoint presentation of the results
  • An analysis report, which highlights key themes from the survey results, as well as tips for improving your organisation’s profile at Westminster
  • In-house presentations on request to debrief participants on their results and discuss their implications for the organisation

All of our clients also receive invitations to our regular Insight events, which provide an invaluable look into issues from our research.

More details

Get in touch with our parliamentary team at AAPM@nfpsynergy.net or by calling 0207 426 8888 for more details or to see some sample results.