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Becca Thomas

Becca Thomas

Content Curator

Becca works as a part-time Content Curator for nfpSynergy. Her role involves overseeing the company's blog, newsletter, and social media output, and maintaining the nfpSynergy website, promotional materials, and customer relationship management program.

Becca's time at nfpSynergy has been varied. She joined nfpSynergy as a Marketing Assistant in 2016 to  help manage our website and social media channels, and also assisted with event organisation and the development of our marketing strategy. After taking part in the Royal Statistical Society Ordinary Certificate in Statistics examinations in 2017, Becca joined our Research department and led on our research with Journalists, while also assisting on our research with MPs and Healthcare Professionals. She continued to oversee the company's newsletter and social media output during this time. Becca stepped back from research work in December 2020 to allow more time to work on her MA.

Becca holds a BA in English Literature. She is passionate about raising awareness about the negative social and environmental impacts of the consumer industry. She is also interested in increasing accessibility to the arts. 

In her spare time, Becca reads and writes avidly; she also enjoys camping, walking, and painting.

rebecca.thomas@nfpsynergy.net ​

Other team members

Anne-Sophie Liv

Anne-Sophie Liv Data and Research Analyst

Anne-Sophie joined nfpSynergy in May 2017. She currently leads on the Celtic Charity Awareness Monitor (CCAM) whilst also supporting research in the wider Public Audiences team including the Charity Awareness Monitor (CAM).
Berni White

Berni White Head of Finance and People

Berni first joined nfpSynergy as an Admin and Finance Officer in July 2015, providing admin support to the Business Team as well as completing the company's book-keeping. She is now Head of Finance and People.
Jemma Smith

Jemma Smith Data Processor

Jemma has been in the research industry for over 20 years since leaving University and has worked across numerous industry sectors specialising in Charity and Consumer research. Jemma is a part-time Data Processor at nfpSynergy.
Jo Fischl

Jo Fischl Research Director

Jo is Research Director at nfpSynergy. She oversees qualitative research across the company, ensuring we deliver excellent research design, moderation and analysis – as well as leading on innovation and training in qualitative methodologies.
Joe Saxton

Joe Saxton Driver of Ideas

Joe Saxton is Driver of Ideas at nfpSynergy and its founder. Joe works on a range of specific projects, especially those that look at strategic advice on fundraising or communications, or wider organisational issues.
Max Roche

Max Roche Research Officer

Max joined nfpSynergy in January 2020 as a Research Assistant. He works with the Influencer Audiences team and helps manage the company media output.
Peter Dawson

Peter Dawson Researcher

Peter joined nfpSynergy in June 2018 and supports the work undertaken by the Public Audiences team assisting on the production and delivery of the Charity Awareness Monitor.

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