Grant-making trusts are at the heart of the voluntary sector, contributing 8% of its income. However, the relationship between grant-givers and grantees is far from perfect. Communication, feedback and application processes could all be improved to the benefit of the sector.

At nfpSynergy, we know that the relationship between grant-makers and grantees is vital to a positive grant-making process. That’s why we’ve worked with both grant-makers and charities to understand the win-win situations and to share best practice. We have written two research-based reports into grant-making, one from the perspective of charities applying for grants and the other from the point of view of grant-makers

Research for grant-makers

As a grant-maker, it is essential you understand how strong your relationship is with your grantees.

Our research helps you to achieve this. We speak to your key stakeholders, using a range of research techniques, to identify your strengths, where you need to improve and how you compare to other grant-makers.

Using our position as an independent research agency, we can deliver you research that addresses the inevitable power imbalance between grant-makers and their grantees. Our ultimate aim is to help you understand your stakeholder’s honest thoughts and insights about your organisation.

Our research helps you to understand how you compare to other grant-makers. The key questions from our online survey are asked with each grant-maker we work with so that you can benchmark against the average scores from organisations who have participated.

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