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Grant Maker Research

We know that the relationshipbetween grant makers and grantees is vital to a positive grant making process. Over time, we’ve worked with both grant makers and charities to understand perspectives and share best practice. We have written two research-based reports on grant-making, one from the perspective of charities applying for grants and the other from the point of view of grant makers. 

We have over 8 years of experience helping some of the UK’s leading grant makers to understand where they are performing well and where they can improve. Through our research with grantees and unsuccessful applicants, we provide funders with feedback from their most important stakeholders.  

As an independent market research agencywe are able to provide grantees and unsuccessful applicants with the space to provide truly honest feedback, that can prove so valuable in improving the processes of a funder. 

We help you to develop a tailored research package that includes: 

- In depth insights using quantitative and qualitative methodologies
Your results compared against our benchmark, which contains the views of over 6,000 grantees and unsuccessful applicants across 10 different funders
- An interactive dashboard that allows you to filter results and create your own reports  
- Analysis and presentations by our team of experts  

 For more information about what our grant maker benchmark has to offer, here's a link to the briefing pack.

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