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Hard-to-reach audiences

Bespoke research at nfpSynergy has developed dramatically over the last five years. We have built extensive experience of identifying and working with specific hard to reach groups as well as vulnerable populations. We know that getting the right sample is important, and this can be one of the most difficult parts of the research process.

We ensure our research is robust - this means we take the necessary time to build up trusting relationships with our participants to ensure they feel confident and comfortable talking to us. We have conducted qualitative and quantitative research directly with people facing homelessness, living with mental health conditions, varying disabilities and those requiring palliative care. We demonstrate an especially sensitive and professional approach necessary with these groups. Collaboration with contacts across the not-for-profit, corporate, political, journalism, health and business sectors also means we are in a strong position to advise and identify hard to reach samples. 

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Primary Healthcare Monitor

Charities are increasingly relied upon to support healthcare delivery. Ensure you’re meeting the needs of the healthcare professionals and patients you support using insights from our charity market research.
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Charity Parliamentary Monitor

What do MPs and Peers think about the charity sector? How do they feel about your brand, campaigns and effectiveness compared to your comparators? Our charity market research can help you answer these questions.
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Charity Brand Evaluator

The Charity Brand Evaluator provides an understanding of how the public views your charity. Discover insights to help ensure you’re communicating the intended message.
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Charity Awareness Monitor

Understanding how people see your organisation is essential for developing better strategies. We can provide you with unique, in-depth and cost effective charity market research.
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Bespoke Research

Our specialist bespoke research team have the skills and experience to design your project from start to finish.
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Our work in this area has included:

  • Needs assessment to inform service development and funding proposals
  • Brand and communications development with sensitive audiences
  • Stakeholder audits with hard to reach samples

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Gone Viral - The impact of a second year of Covid-19 on charities

Last year, we released our ‘Going Viral’ report, exploring the initial response to the Covid-19 outbreak by charities. This is the second year of Covid-19, and it was time to revisit and delve into the experiences of charities in the sector again to take a longer-term perspective on the pandemic and its impact on the sector.

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