We understand the complex stakeholders that charities have to deal with. Where private companies need only worry about customers and the bottom line, charities must satisfy the multifaceted interests of donors, service users/beneficiaries, trustees, volunteers and often many more groups.

Knowing who the key influencers are in your sector, who can bring about change, who your work affects and what they all think is crucial to the development of charities and non-profit organisations. We have experience engaging and working with different stakeholders such as Boards of Trustees, staff, volunteers and beneficiaries, as well as external agencies, journalists, professionals, politicians, and community networks. We can design a programme of research to explore and understand the thoughts, feelings and experiences of these stakeholder groups.

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Do it via Tracking Research

Charity Parliamentary Monitor

What do MPs and Peers think about the charity sector? How do they feel about your brand, campaigns and effectiveness compared to your comparators? Our charity market research can help you answer these questions.
Houses of Parliament

Charity Awareness Monitor

Understanding how people see your organisation is essential for developing better strategies. We can provide you with unique, in-depth and cost effective charity market research.
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Brand Attributes Monitor

The Brand Attributes Monitor provides an understanding of how the public views your charity. Discover insights to help ensure you’re communicating the intended message.
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Celtic Charity Parliamentary Monitor

Our annual research with representatives in the devolved nations can help you Inform and evaluate the way you engage with politicians across the UK.
Scottish parliament

Do it bespoke

Bespoke Research

Our specialist bespoke research team have the skills and experience to design your project from start to finish.
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Our expertise could help you:

  • Benchmark and increase brand awareness
  • Improve engagement and communication
  • Expand funding opportunities
  • Inform organisational transformation

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Free Report

PEST Analysis for the nonprofit sector

This free report is intended to highlight the most influential PEST factors that all charities should keep in mind when developing their strategies for the coming years. It provides a starting point for charities trying to understand which of the big events happened in recent years are likely to affect their work, beneficiaries and supporters.

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