Northern Ireland

Trust in charities in Northern Ireland has decreased significantly in recent years. As in the rest of the UK and Ireland, media stories of high CEO pay and charity running costs have dented the public’s faith in the not-for-profit sector. MLAs have also been very critical of high CEO salaries, but are also very positive about political engagement by charities at Stormont.

Recovering and growing trust is key to the future success of charities in Northern Ireland. Our research will help you to understand how these societal trends impact your work and the work of the charity sector more broadly.

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Do it via Tracking Research

Celtic Charity Awareness Monitor

Public opinion, media and regulation differ across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our Celtic tracking survey offers unique insights into these audiences.
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Celtic Charity Parliamentary Monitor

Our annual research with representatives in the devolved nations can help you Inform and evaluate the way you engage with politicians across the UK.

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Bespoke Research

Our specialist bespoke research team have the skills and experience to design your project from start to finish.
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If you are a charity working in Northern Ireland, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Rebranding
  • Strengthening an existing brand
  • Stakeholder audits
  • Supporter insights, supporter satisfaction benchmark
  • Audience segmentations
  • Creative messaging testing
  • Policy development
  • Programme reviews
  • Innovation workshops
  • Building a business case for services

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