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Since we began working with charities in Ireland in 2008, we have seen the Irish charity sector face numerous challenges and changes in the public mind. Recent media controversies have hit public trust in charities hard, with many questioning whether they can trust household name charities. This has also had an effect on fundraising for many charities, with the largest seeing a significant decline in fundraised income after 2011.

We have helped Irish charities to track public sentiment towards them, understand how declining public trust has affected their brand, and build paths forward for their organisation. Our research can help you to understand your position against key comparators and how broader trends affect your work. The Irish charity sector is at a crucial point, with difficult decisions to take about how to rebuild. We ensure those decisions are based on solid evidence and fact.

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Do it via Tracking Research

Irish Charity Engagement Monitor

If your charity is active in Ireland or wants to start making an impact there, monitoring public awareness and opinion is crucial to achieving your goals.

Celtic Charity Awareness Monitor

Public opinion, media and regulation differ across Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our Celtic tracking survey offers unique insights into these audiences.
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Celtic Charity Parliamentary Monitor

Our annual research with representatives in the devolved nations can help you Inform and evaluate the way you engage with politicians across the UK.

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Bespoke Research

Our specialist bespoke research team have the skills and experience to design your project from start to finish.
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We can help Irish charities to:

  • Measure trust in their organisation
  • Track brand awareness and perceptions among the Irish public
  • Segment their audiences on demographics or attitudes
  • Test messages and evaluate campaigns
  • Spot social trends early to identify threats and opportunities for their work

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