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Which fundraising techniques really annoy the public?

The press has focused a lot of criticism recently on charity fundraising. But just how annoying do the general public find their interactions with fundraising? Our latest interactive graphic allows you to explore different methods of fundraising and how annoyed different groups of the general public are by each. 

Simply select a demographic from the drop-down menu below to see how annoyance varies for each group. For example, we can see that in general and unsurprisingly donors are less likely to be annoyed by all types of fundraising than non-donors. This is particularly true for face to face, DM and email. Equally, while those in the AB social grade are generally less likely to be annoyed by fundraising, they are much more likely to be annoyed by text/SMS fundraising.

Charities should be aware of how off-putting their target audiences find fundraising by different methods. By listening to donors and tailoring communications to suit the audience, charities can safeguard the long term goodwill of the public and their supporters.

Have a play with the data and please let us know in the comments if you spot anything interesting or unusual!

"Which of the following best sum up your feelings towards each of the following types of charity fundraising?" I find it very annoying