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SlideZone Archive - Campaigning

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Campaigning is always a hot topic for charities - how much is too much? At what point does being seen as political start to put off existing and potential donors?
The good news is that we know from our research that charities campaigning to change the law is one of the least off-putting things they can do. More good news is that the general public is starting to feel warmer towards charity campaigning in general.
This slide, from our Campaigning CAMEO, shows that people are more likely to say that campaigning as a whole makes the world a better place and that their families and friends would be proud to know they are involved in campaigning. The public also say that they would get a lot out of it and are now more likely to feel people have a duty to campaign than they were two years ago.
This is just one of our indicators that positive sentiment towards campaigning is on the rise.
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