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Supporter Satisfaction Benchmark

Understanding your supporters is essential to engaging them and growing your supporter base. What drew individuals to supporting your organisation? How can you best communicate with your supporters? How does your supporter experience compare to others in the sector?

The Supporter Satisfaction Benchmark provides a unique insight into your supporters, including demographics, views and values, their level of satisfaction, and much more. In addition, you'll see how the profiles of your specific supporters are different from a profile of a typical UK charity supporter.

With a comprehensive knowledge of the third sector, and the delivery of over twenty supporter surveys over the last few years nfpSynergy is uniquely positioned to deliver research that can aid your organisation.

To learn more about the Supporter Satisfaction Benchmark and supporter surveys more generally download our briefing pack or contact Cian at cian.murphy@nfpsynergy.net.

What's in your package?

  • Profile of your supporters
  • Measurements of their satisfaction
  • Supporters' personal values and giving habits
  • Benchmark against other charities and the UK population
  • Download a briefing pack to see the full list

Add bespoke questions

  • On your brand statements
  • On competitor analysis
  • On custom demographics
  • Or anything else
Supporter Satisfaction Benchmark Briefing Pack

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