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Tracking Research

nfpSynergy has spent 15 years working in the charity sector, and we have built up the skills, expertise and experience to help over 100 charities find answers to a range of unique questions.

Our Tracking Research is a vital resource for charities to get the high quality, frequent, affordable and detailed research they need. Our research delivers a comprehensive overview of how the sector and individual charities are perceived over time by key audiences. It provides the valuable information and insights that give charities evidence and data for marketing, policy development, campaigning, media work, fundraising and benchmarking.

Our Tracking Research works because a group of non-profit organisations have come together to share the key questions they need answers to and the subsequent answers in a series of ongoing surveys. By pooling costs and results, charities can access better value, more frequent and more detailed research than feasibly achievable if they acted alone.

Choose your Monitor

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Charity Awareness Monitor

Understanding how people see your organisation is essential for developing better strategies. We can provide you with unique, in-depth and cost effective charity market research.
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Charity Brand Evaluator

The Charity Brand Evaluator provides an understanding of how the public views your charity. Discover insights to help ensure you’re communicating the intended message.
Houses of Parliament

Charity Parliamentary Monitor

What do MPs and Peers think about the charity sector? How do they feel about your brand, campaigns and effectiveness compared to your comparators? Our charity market research can help you answer these questions.
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Primary Healthcare Monitor

Charities are increasingly relied upon to support healthcare delivery. Ensure you’re meeting the needs of the healthcare professionals and patients you support using insights from our charity market research.

How it works


We develop a questionnaire or discussion guide. We include our key brand and sector measures, which we then share with clients for their feedback, input and prompts.


We then go into field, ensuring that you a have robust and representative sample with whichever audience we are working with.


We analyse the data to test hypotheses, develop insights and update long term trends. We also analyse the data by key audiences, be they specific demographic groups, your target segments, MPs from a particular party or GPs with a role on CCGs.

Individual Reports

We tailor our analysis to your specific charity. Your will receive an individual report, which will include your key brand measures, insights from your specific sector and comparators, as well as trends on the overall charity sector. If requested, we will then present these findings to your organisation.

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