Wales, Scotland and NI Charity Awareness Monitor

If your charity runs services or works in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, it’s vital that you understand how your brand is perceived by people in these countries.

Political systems, the media and regulation differ across the home nations and will affect your audiences differently. Our Celtic annual charity market research provides a unique insight into your specific audience: the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish public and their views on charities. It is based on a nationally representative sample of 2,800 people a year in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and will help you build your brand across the UK.

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How our clients use it

Base strategic planning on solid evidence 

Gather insight to base your future strategy on, whether that might be to set up a new office in Scotland or trial a campaign in Wales.


Inspire the audience in your region to take action 

How does a young person in Belfast feel about giving to you? What stops an older woman in the Scottish Highlands calling your help-line? Use insight from our research to understand your target audiences and inspire them to support, fundraise or volunteer for you.

Get support to reach everyone you want to reach

Our research will help you identify people's misperceptions about what you do and work out ways to challenge them. You can use this evidence to secure support for targeted campaigning or fundraising campaigns.

Cost-effectively test and target messaging and language with key audiences 

Get tailored recommendations as we ask people different questions depending on their answers to previous ones. This allows you to create clear, consistent and memorable messages that earn your brand trust for different types of audience at an affordable price.

Differentiate what you do by understanding your position with competitors 

Perhaps you don’t yet have a presence in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland; this Monitor allows comparison of performance against other UK charities, or those operating in your market. Ensure your communications, fundraising and campaigns stand out from the crowd to gain support there.

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What's in your package?

  • Core measures from the syndicated model
  • Key trends regarding public engagement with charities
  • One bespoke question on any topic (Northern Ireland & Scotland)
  • Access to 5+ years of trend data (Northern Ireland & Scotland)
  • Annual presentations of your results
  • Personal account manager

Little additions

  • Your bespoke questions
  • Present at your away days
Celtic CAM Briefing Pack 2019 - Northern Ireland
Celtic CAM Briefing Pack 2019 - Scotland
Celtic CAM Briefing Pack 2019 - Wales

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